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New SAPweb functions are available

On Monday, Nov. 19, a redesigned SAPweb site will be available that will include two new functions: journal vouchers and VIP Credit Card verification.

The SAPweb site has been reorganized by Financial Systems Services in response to feedback from users and business process owners. Existing procurement transactions are unchanged, even though the home page will look different.

The new web-based functions are designed to make performing the journal voucher and credit card transactions easier and more user-friendly. For example, the web-based functions consolidate information onto single screens rather than dividing it among multiple screens. Also, there is only one field for all cost objects, regardless of their type (cost centers, internal orders and WBS elements).

With this new site, journal voucher (JV) users will be able to access the web to create, change, display, and run and print reports on JVs, just as they have before in SAP's graphical user interface. There are some limitations to using JVs on the web; uploading is not currently available, and the explanation text is limited to 20 lines. However, further enhancements are planned, including the ability to copy and reverse previously saved documents.

VIP Credit Card verifiers will be able verify charges, process multiple credit card charges simultaneously, and reallocate cost objects and general-ledger accounts for individual charges. Planned enhancements include the ability to add explanation text, sort charges in the in-box and to split individual charges across multiple account assignments.

These new transactions are already being used by a large group of "early access" volunteers, and the feedback so far has been very positive. Many of the planned enhancements are scheduled to be available either by the "go-live" date of Nov. 19 or very soon thereafter, and the Business Liaison Team in Information Systems is prepared to help community members get set up to use these new web-based functions.


There will be a routine SAP service outage affecting SAP, SAPweb and ECAT from 6 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 16 until Monday morning, Nov. 19.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on November 14, 2001.

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