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116 new retirees honored with a dinner at Endicott House

Thomas Cosgrove (far left), Vincent Orlando, Joanne Orlando, Angelo Colao and Gabriele Colao enjoyed the gardens at Endicott house during the retirement party on Sept. 5.
Thomas Cosgrove (far left), Vincent Orlando, Joanne Orlando, Angelo Colao and Gabriele Colao enjoyed the gardens at Endicott house during the retirement party on Sept. 5.
Photo / Donna Coveney
Guests stroll and musicians play during the retirement party at Endicott House.
Guests stroll and musicians play during the retirement party at Endicott House.
Photo / Donna Coveney
Left to right: Peter Schmidt, Naomi Schmidt, Mary Pensyl and Aryeh Platzker.
Left to right: Peter Schmidt, Naomi Schmidt, Mary Pensyl and Aryeh Platzker.

One hundred and sixteen newly retired faculty and staff members from campus and Lincoln Laboratory were honored at the annual retirement dinner at Endicott House on Sept. 5. President and Mrs. Charles M. Vest hosted the event; Kathryn Willmore, vice president and secretary of the Corporation, and Laura Avakian, vice president for human resources, served as masters of ceremonies.

The combined total years of service of this year's group of retirees is 3,233 years, with an average of 28 years apiece. Topping the list in seniority were Mr. John W. Barrett and Professors George F. Koster and Merton C. Flemings, each with 50 years. Of the new retirees, 89 were from campus and 27 were from Lincoln Laboratory.

Following is the list of 2001 retirees and the number of years they were employed at MIT. (Some departmental information provided may appear outdated, as several retirees are on long-term disability. Individuals' most recent departmental affiliations are listed.)

Richard Adams, Lab for Nuclear Science (37)
Katherine K. Allen, Information Systems (24)
China Altman, Office of the Arts (10)
Ali S. Argon, Mechanical Engineering (41)
Manuel Arruda, Facilities (14)
Jeanne S. Bamberger, Music and Theatre Arts (30)
William E. Barch, Lincoln Lab Group 82 (33)
John W. Barrett, Research Lab of Electronics (50)
Aron M. Bernstein, Physics (40)
Dorothy M. Bertrand, MIT Press (10)
Wayne W. Bidstrup, Mechanical Engineering (11)
Sidney L. Borison, Lincoln Lab Group 31 (39)
Amar G. Bose, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science or EECS (45)
Hale Van Dorn Bradt, Physics (40)
Joseph Branco, Housing (25)
Sheelah Britt, Libraries (33)
Sara H. Brydges, Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences (29)
Mary Ellen Bushnell, Information Systems (27)
Arthur R. Calawa, Lincoln Lab (37)
Alfred P. Cangeme, Facilities (31)
Merle A. Carter, Lab for Nuclear Science (32)
Anthony L. Celona, Facilities (12)
Richard J. Cerrato, Lincoln Lab Director's Office (38)
Louis A. Cimmino, Lincoln Lab Group 96 (29)
Ingrid Clare, Lab for Nuclear Science (30)
Angelo A. Colao, Lincoln Lab Group 71 (24)
George D. Connolly, Lincoln Lab Group 72 (35)
William E. Connor, Lincoln Lab Director's Office (17)
Thomas B. Cosgrove Jr., Lincoln Fiscal Office (11)
Nellie J. Crosby, Endicott House (12)
Robert M. Dankese, Office of Budget and Financial Planning (35)
Marylouise G. Darrell, Libraries (32)
Hillary H. Debaun, Aeronautics and Astronautics (20)
Salvatore Distefano, Lincoln Lab Group 12 (25)
Elisabeth M. Drake, Energy Lab (10)
Nathaniel I. Durlach, EECS (47)
Richard P. Fitzgerald, Department of Facilities (11)
Merton C. Flemings, Material Science and Engineering (50)
Eleanor C. Forsberg, Lincoln Fiscal Office (46)
Muriel Fredrick, Center for Environmental Initiatives (13)
Mario J. Fresina, Environmental Medical Service (40)
Richard Gaudette, Haystack Observatory (41)
Adolphus E. Glass, Lincoln Lab Group 11 (11)
Regina L. Gogol, Information Systems/Service Process (13)
Helena V. Goldfarb, Physics (21)
Johan A. Govaert, Center for Space Research (10)
Elizabeth S. Hafen, Lab for Nuclear Science (28)
Claudia P. Hagman, Audit Division (39)
Raymond Hebert, Chemistry (36)
Clark P. Heon, Haystack Observatory (33)
John J. Holland Jr., Facilities (29)
Stanley G. Hudson, Office of the Dean of Students and Undergraduate Education/Student Financial Aid (26)
Henry D. Jacoby, Sloan School (28)
Clark A. Johnson, Lab for Nuclear Science (23)
William W. Joss, Lincoln Lab Group 36 (18)
Alexander J. Kasheta, Lincoln Fiscal Office (13)
Phyllis R. Klein, Program in Science, Technology and Society (19)
Roger H. Kolb, Libraries (31)
George F. Koster, Physics (50)
Richard V. Kurka, Lincoln Lab Group 18 (16)
John S. Lavalle, Controller's Accounting Office (40)
Leonard Lerman, Biology (14)
Camille F. Lessard, Lincoln Lab Director's Office (12)
Lawrence M. Lidsky, Nuclear Engineering (40)
Robert J. Long, Controller's Accounting Office (34)
Rosemary Mackown, Sloan School of Management (13)
Lawrence E. Maguire, Dean for Student Life (30)
Patricia M. Marcinowski, Clinical Research Center (35)
Judith E. Mason, Sloan School (34)
Antonio Mastrangelo, Facilities (20)
Anne M. Matlin, Lincoln Lab Group 95 (22)
Peter J. Mc Hugh, Facilities (12)
Edward T. McNevin, Lincoln Lab Group 72 (42)
Edward L. Meade, Lincoln Lab Group 101 (31)
Carlos Medeiros, Facilities (17)
Carl H. Much, Lincoln Lab Group 76 (38)
Elizabeth K. Mulcahy, Office of Special Community Services (37)
Michael P. Murphy, Lincoln Lab Group 38 (32)
Edwin F. Nesman, Haystack Observatory (27)
Carl E. Nielsen Jr., Lincoln Lab Director's Office (40)
Earl David Nordberg, Medical Department (35)
Joseph F. Normile, Housing (24)
John Daniel Nyhart, Sloan School (41)
Wayne O'Neil, Linguistics and Philosophy (33)
Vincent A. Orlando, Lincoln Lab Group 92 (29)
Mary E. Pensyl, Libraries (32)
Gerrard F. Power, Research Lab of Electronics (30)
George W. Pratt, EECS (33)
Richard Priest, Haystack Observatory (10)
H. E. Ramonat, Resource Development (15)
Charles W. Rook, Lincoln Lab Group 104 (34)
Lawrence Rosenson, Physics (43)
Kenneth C. Russell, Materials Science and Engineering (37)
Charles J. Sbuttoni Jr., Magnet Lab (35)
Elisa Scali, Housing (21)
Naomi B. Schmidt, Information Systems (11)
Marcel F. Schneeberger, Lincoln Lab Group 45 (16)
Ralph P. Sears, Office of Lab Supplies (38)
John H. Seluta, Lincoln Lab Group 12 (27)
Jeremy Shapiro, Sloan School (35)
David A. Shnidman, Lincoln Lab Group 44 (29)
Dieter J. Sigmar, Plasma Science and Fusion Center (26)
Charles J. Simas, Facilities (28)
Linda Stantial, Sloan School (29)
Eric J. Stevens, Lincoln Lab KMS (35)
Richard K. Sullivan, Information Systems (34)
David Summers, Information Systems (35)
Richard J. Thome, Plasma Science and Fusion Center (22)
Anthony Turano, ILP/Corporate Relations (13)
Ronald J. Verrochio, Superintendent's Office (35)
James N. Walpole, Lincoln Lab Division 8 (34)
Arnold N. Weinberg, Medical Department (14)
Thomas F. Weiss, EECS (44)
George R. Williams (6)
Judith Wurtman, Brain and Cognitive Sciences (11)
Dorothy A. Zibkowski, Lincoln Lab Group 72 (29)

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on September 26, 2001.

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