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ILP sponsors IT symposiums in three cities in India

The Industrial Liaison Program (ILP) sponsored a series of symposiums on "Emerging IT and Telecom: Challenges in the 21st Century -- Strategic Directions" in India last month.

The programs were presented on January 3 at ICICI, Ltd. in Mumbai; on January 4 at Satyam Computer in Hyderabad; and on January 5 at Infosys Technologies in Bangalore. They were designed to showcase MIT research.

Participating in all three programs were Dr. M.S. Vijay Kumar, assistant provost and director of academic computing/information systems; Associate Professor Sanjay Sarma of mechanical engineering, co-director of the MIT Auto-ID Center; and Eric Celeste, assistantdirector for technology planning and administration for the MIT Libraries and principal investigator for the MIT-HP DSpace Project. Rudrapatna Ramnath, senior lecturer in aeronautics and astronautics, joined them at Satyam Computer.

Todd Glickman (SB 1977), industrial liaison officer for the Office of Corporate Relations, and Rachel Oberai-Soltz, manager of corporate relations for the Office of Corporate Development, also represented MIT at the seminars.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on January 24, 2001.

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