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Du Pont to be wired with ID card readers for patron access

Electronic ID card readers have been installed in the du Pont Athletic Center and Rockwell Cage and are scheduled to be operational on Monday, Feb. 26. Beginning that day, access to the facilities will require a student or faculty/staff ID card that has been activated at the du Pont equipment desk.

All students are eligible to use the facilities but must have their MIT ID cards activated. The cards of faculty, staff and alumni purchased since since July 1, 2000 have already been activated. Others who wish to use the facilities must purchase an athletic card at the equipment desk and have their regular MIT ID card activated at that time.

Three card readers will be located in the lobby of the du Pont Center, requiring a swipe of the ID card. One will provide access to Rockwell Cage, one will be on the stairway door leading to the athletic offices and function rooms, and the third will be on the door to the newly renovated locker areas and equipment desk.

The readers were installed in response to concerns that people not affiliated with MIT were gaining access to the facilities.

"This is not a new policy for the athletic department," said Director of Athletics Candace Royer. "A valid athletic card has always been a requirement for our students and customers to use the facilities in du Pont and Rockwell. This system simply assists us in tightening security to make sure only people who have made the commitment to use the facilities are allowed to do so."

"It is not our intention to inconvenience people," she added. "On the contrary, we're trying to help improve access to those people who have reserved the right to be in our facilities."

The card readers are similar to those used to access some other doors throughout the campus. Questions about the athletic card should be directed to the du Pont equipment desk at x8-6199.

For more information about MIT's athletic facilities, check the Department of Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation web page.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on February 14, 2001.

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