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Campus construction update


The hydrogen sulfide odor near the Stata construction site is from the decaying marsh organic layer being excavated. Anyone wishing some temporary relief from the odor may obtain a freshener from the trailer near the pool entrance between Buildings 56 and 16.


Installation of site fencing and pedestrian walkways along the new graduate residence construction site may affect pedestrian and vehicular traffic.


The crosswalk at 77 Massachusetts Ave. has been temporarily relocated 100 feet north towards Vassar Street. Handicapped access to the main building will be provided at the Amherst Street crosswalk only.


The closing of the walkway between Buildings 42 and 44 at the railroad crossing connecting Vassar Street to the Albany Garage has been extended to mid-February due to a construction slowdown caused by inclement weather. The shuttle service to parking facilities along Albany Street will continue while the walkway is closed.


New structural steel installation at Building 18 may cause dust, noise and vibration to the surrounding area.


Construction and placement of a concrete base may cause disruption to vehicular traffic on Vassar Street.


In preparation for window replacement, samples of sealants and paints will be taken from the interior and exterior of the building. Technicians may use binoculars and ladders for the outside observations and will also enter many of the dorm rooms to take samples of the materials.

This information is provided by the Department of Facilities.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on January 31, 2001.

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