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Appointments announced in CRE and ESD

The Center for Real Estate and the Engineering Systems Division have announced upper-level appointments.


Professor Daniel Hastings, director of MIT's Technology and Policy Program (TPP) and former US Air Force chief scientist, has been appointed associate director of MIT's Engineering Systems Division.

After receiving his Ph.D. from MIT in aeronautics and astronautics, Hastings worked from 1980-85 for Physical Sciences Inc. and Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the fields of laser-material interactions and fusion plasma physics. In 1985 he joined MIT's aero/astro faculty. His research has included space environment interactions and space propulsion; his most recent interests are in space system architecting and space policy.

Hastings served as chief scientist of the Air Force from 1997-99, where he led several influential studies on where the Air Force should invest in space, global energy projection and options for a science and technology work force for the 21st century.

For the past two years, Hastings served as head of TPP, including the Technology Management and Policy Ph.D. program. He will continue to direct TPP, with Professor Thomas Eagar joining TPP to assist with the Technology Management and Policy program.

Said Daniel Roos, associate dean for engineering systems and director of the Engineering Systems Division, "ESD was established to broaden engineering education and practice. We have begun developing new educational programs to accomplish that objective. Daniel Hastings has the wisdom and the experience to oversee that development."

Professor Hastings said, "I'm looking forward to this challenge. Our Visiting Committee and recent retreat gave us a clear sense of priorities. I will be helping to make sure ESD accomplishes these priorities."

Professor Paul Lagace has stepped down as associate director of ESD due to his increased responsibilities as co-director of the Leaders for Manufacturing and System Design and Management Programs. He played the key role in formulating ESD educational policy. "I am personally indebted to Paul for his help and guidance during the critical startup phase of ESD," Roos said. "I know of no MIT faculty member more dedicated to MIT and its educational mission than Paul Lagace."


John T. Riordan, former president and CEO of the International Council of Shopping Centers, has taken office as the Thomas G. Eastman Chairman of the Center for Real Estate (CRE). He succeeds Blake Eagle, who became president of the National Council of Real Estate Investment Fiduciaries after seven years as chair.

"We welcome John on board," said Professor William C. Wheaton, CRE director. "I think he will find the chairmanship a rewarding experience and the center will benefit from his wealth of industry knowledge."

During his 15 years as head of the International Council of Shopping Centers, Riordan saw membership grow fourfold along with a tremendous increase in membership activities, both domestically and internationally. He was previously associated with Houghton Mifflin, the Educational Testing Service and McGraw-Hill. He has also been a member of the CRE since it began in 1984.

As CRE chair, Riordan will serve as the primary liaison with the center's members and work with faculty and staff to ensure the center's programs meet the long-term needs of the real estate industry. The Thomas G. Eastman Chairmanship is named in honor of long-time CRE member and friend Thomas G. Eastman of Eastman, Aldrich and Waltch.

The CRE promotes research and education in real estate development, management and investment, and facilitates communication among members of the industry worldwide and with the academic community. Its major activities include a one-year Master of Science in Real Estate degree program, professional education for real estate practitioners and research on important issues in the field.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on September 12, 2001.

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