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Campus construction update

Dreyfus Building

Interior demolition of Building 18 will cause dust and noise and will require occasional utility shutdowns. Some noise and dust may occur outside the building as material goes through the large yellow tubes into dumpsters. Project completion: August 2003.

Simmons Hall

Steel piling installation continues, causing noise and some vibration nearby. Soil excavation will raise dust, and trucks removing the material may impact traffic. Demolition of the former Cambridge Tire Co. also continues. The lot will be used as a temporary staging site for construction materials during the next nine months. Project completion: August 2002.

Stata Center

Excavation for the underground garage has begun and will increase in intensity over the next several weeks. Breaking and removal of temporary concrete guide walls will cause noise and vibrations. Excavation may produce a sulfurous odor from underlying former wetlands. Truck traffic could cause delays on Vassar and Main Streets. Excavation is scheduled to continue through February 2001. Project completion: Fall 2003.

Sports & Fitness Center

The stripping of topsoil along with the excavation of temporary utility trenches will cause noise and affect pedestrian routes. See the online map with details of pedestrian access. Project completion: June 2002.

Ames & Amherst Streets

Utility relocation work (part of the Media Lab expansion) will disrupt both vehicular and pedestrian traffic through the end of the year. Project completion: December 2003.

Albany Garage

As part of the utility expansion, the walkway between Buildings 42 and 44 at the railroad crossing connecting Vassar Street to the Albany Garage will be closed to pedestrian traffic through early December.

This information is provided by the Department of Facilities.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on November 8, 2000.

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