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Grad student career workshop offered

A professional development workshop for graduate students and postdocs, "To Boldly Go: Practical Career Planning for Scientists and Engineers," will be held on Friday, May 5 from 2-4:30pm in Rm 10-250.

The featured speaker at the event, which is sponsored by the Graduate Student Council, Office of Career Services and Preprofessional Advising (OCSPA) and the President's Office, will be Dr. Peter Fiske. He will provide an overview of the process of career planning and job hunting. Topics include transferable skills, challenges and opportunities faced by those with an advanced degree in a technical field; steps that young scientists and engineers can take to broaden their horizons, strengthen their skills and present their best face to potential employers; and r�sum�s and interviewing.

"Young scientists in nearly every field are finding the job market a confusing and frustrating place. More new PhD and master's degree holders are considering a wider range of careers in and out of science, but feel ill-prepared and uninformed about their options," said Dr. Fiske, a planetary physicist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and author of To Boldly Go: A Practical Career Guide for Scientists, published by the American Geophysical Union.

Preregistation for the workshop is required and will be offered online via the OCSPA web site, beginning this week.

As a follow-up, OCSPA will offer "For Graduate Students: Self Assessment -- Step One in the Career Planning Process" on Friday, May 12. Details about preregistration will be posted in mid-April.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on April 12, 2000.

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