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MIT statement regarding Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity

The Boston Licensing Board has revoked the dormitory license of Sigma Alpha Epsilon following a hearing on October 26th. The fraternity was charged with serving alcohol to a minor; inaccessible stairways, and not having licenses posted or readily accessible. The Board's decision, announced October 28th, affects the SAE house at 484 Beacon Street in Boston.

A second Licensing Board hearing concerning neighbor's complaints about another SAE house at 480 Beacon Street is scehduled for November 16th.

After the Board announced its decision, MIT issued the following statement:

MIT supports the decision of the Boston Licensing Board this morning concerning the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity.

We are deeply disappointed that the SAE students chose not to appear before the Board at its hearing earlier this week. Students must accept responsibility for their actions and must understand that they will be held accountable -- by MIT and by the civil authorities.

The MIT Campus Police have brought charges against the fraternity on the basis of their investigation. The fraternity was suspended by MIT when those charges were filed. The charges will be heard by a Dean's Office disciplinary hearing panel. The actions alleged in these charges would be grounds for banning the fraternity from MIT. The final decision on the fraternity's status at MIT will be made at the completion of that hearing.

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