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99 new Institute retirees honored at Faculty Club dinner

Ninety-nine newly retired faculty and staff members were honored at the 1999 Retirement Dinner, hosted by President and Mrs. Vest along with the Quarter Century Club Board of Directors at the Faculty Club on June 14. Vice President and Secretary of the Corporation Kathryn Willmore served as mistress of ceremonies.

The combined total of service of this year's group of retirees is 2,388 years, with an average of 24 per person. Following is the list of 1998-99 retirees and their length of employment at MIT. (Some departmental information provided may appear outdated, as several retirees are on long-term disability. Individuals' most recent departmental affiliations are listed.)

Claretta E. Anderson, Facilities (25)
Warren G. Balcom, Facilities (10)
Barbara B. Benfield, Ctr. for Cancer Research (37)
Amerigo Bernardi, Ctr.for Cancer Research (20)
Richard J. Bond, Lincoln Lab Group 71 (14)
Laura Bondi Carchia, Libraries (38)
Frexo Bougas, Lincoln Lab Group 12 (12)
John H. Brandt, Medical (20)
Howard L. Brown, Facilities/CAC (10)
Gerald D. Burke, IS/Support Process (30)
Jose-Roberto Caminos, IS/Service Process (30)
Margot O. Carey, Lincoln Lab Group 93 (34)
Antonio R. Carneiro, Facilities/CAC (10)
Charles W. Crone, Lincoln Lab Group 42 (10)
Richard W. Chick, Lincoln Lab Group 103 (35)
Richard E. Clark, Residential Life and Student Life Programs (Housing) (12)
Malcolm Daniel, Residential Life and Student Life Programs (Housing) (18)
Gerald M. Daniels, Lincoln Lab Group 106 (22)
Joseph R. De Courcey, Physics (17)
John J. Delima, Facilities (11)
Frank P. Di Blasi, Facilities (18)
Joan E. Doucette, Industrial Liaison Program (24)
Dennis W. Duffy, Copy Technology Centers (37)
Jerilyn Edmondson, Program in Science, Technology and Society (STS) (35)
Meredith A. Ellis, Graphic Arts (17)
Jun Feng, Plasma Science and Fusion Center (PSFC) (12)
Charles A. Forte, Physics (46)
Margaret T. Foster, Biotechnology Process Engineering Center (27)
Rochelle R. Friedman, Medical Department (26)
Dolores Frizzi, Facilities (20)
Elvira Garcia, Facilities (10)
Mario J. Garcia, Facilities (10)
George J. Gillis, Facilities (27)
William B. Goggins Jr., Lincoln Lab Group 46 (21)
Loren R. Graham, STS (21)
Elizabeth Jane Griffin, Treasurer's Office (40)
Mary W. Haas, Office of the Provost (11)
J. Richard Hale, PSFC (35)
Kenneth L. Hale, Linguistics and Philosophy (32)
John T. Hanley, Lincoln Lab Group 11 (13)
Elizabeth T. Harding, Office of the Vice President of Resource Development (22)
Alan E. Harrington, Controller's Accounting Office (29)
Richard J. Heavern, Lincoln Fiscal Office (47)
Alan V. Hein, Brain and Cognitive Sciences (36)
John C. Henry, Lincoln Lab Group 47 (27)
James M. Henry, Facilities/CAC (25)
Kerson Huang, Physics (49)
John P. Husler, Lincoln Lab Group 96 (39)
Ann A. Jacoby, Materials Science and Engineering (19)
Barbara J. Jaskela, Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences (18)
Judith T. Kildow, Ocean Engineering (27)
Robert Kiley, Facilities (25)
Herbert Kleiman, Lincoln Lab Group 106 (32)
Katherine G. Kline, List Visual Arts Center (19)
Sandra Knight, Alumni/Alumnae Association (23)
Alberta M. Dawson Larsen, PSFC (21)
Joseph M. Lewis, Materials Science and Engineering (19)
Susan M. Lewis, Alumni/ae Association (14)
Larry H. Litten, Consortium on Financing Higher Education (20)
Earle L. Lomon, Physics (38)
Edwin C. Lovejoy, Lincoln Lab Group 4FF (13)
Marilyn P. Mason, Chemistry (13)
Claire L. McCarthy, IS/Support Process (11)
Norma McGavern-Norland, Office of Academic Services (23)
John M. McPhie, Lincoln Lab Division 1 (39)
Janez Megusar, Materials Processing Center (24)
Stephen E. Melanson, Lincoln Lab Group 15 (12)
Michael A. Nader, Lincoln Lab (39)
Ilhan Olmez, Nuclear Reactor Lab (13)
Leonard I. Parad, Lincoln Lab Group 44 (10)
Dorothy Paul, Medical Department (19)
Helmut H. Pichler, Lincoln Lab (32)
Irwin A. Pless, Physics (42)
Royal W. Purdy, Jr., Lincoln Lab Group 71 (33)
Joan F. Rice, VP for Human Resources (27)
Susan J. Richardson, Lincoln Lab Group 18 (23)
Margaret Rose, Lincoln Lab Group 32 (25)
Ann Rowbotham, Center for Technology, Policy and Industrial Development (27)
Josefina B. Sabio, Clinical Research Center (30)
Brian P. Sack, Lincoln Lab Director's Office (11)
Eugene H. Salois, Campus Police (12)
Janet Lynn Serman, Alumni/ae Association (18)
Dietmar Seyferth, Chemistry (42)
Nancy V. Sotak, Lincoln Lab (26)
Eileen A. Spettel, Libraries (18)
Don Stanford, MIT Press (24)
Stephen G. Steadman, Lab for Nuclear Science (LNS) (26)
Phyllis E. Stevens, Chemistry (28)
Glenn P. Strehle, Treasurer's Office (26)
Eugene J. Sullivan, Facilities (21)
Roman Susalka, Lincoln Lab (14)
Nimrod Eric Swift, Medical Department (30)
Paul M. Tedrow, Francis Bitter Magnet Lab (31)
Mary E. Terrelonge, Libraries (10)
James F. Tolpa, Lincoln Lab Group 33 (37)
Philip A. Trussell, Treasurer's Office (22)
William E. Turchinetz, LNS (40)
James H. Wichmann, Lincoln Lab Group 42 (18)
Claude F. Williamson, LNS (33)

A version of this article appeared in the September 11, 1999 issue of MIT Tech Talk (Volume 44, Number 2).

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