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More retirement sessions scheduled

Following is the February schedule for campus information sessions on changes to the MIT Retirement Plan.

Understanding Your MIT Retirement Plans -- A discussion of both the MIT Supplemental 401(k) Plan and the Basic Retirement Plan. This includes an overview of the new 401(k) contribution limits, investment options and recent changes to the plans.
Date/location: February 10 at 11am, Student Center Twenty Chimneys; February 17 at 1pm, Killian Hall (Rm 14W-111)

TDA or 401(k) -- Should you stop contributing to your TDA and increase your 401(k) contributions? This presentation will outline issues to consider and help you understand the differences among the 401(k), TDAs and other retirement savings plans.
Date/location: February 10 at 1pm; Student Center, Twenty Chimneys

Tax-Advantaged Investing -- Designed for employees making the maximum contributions to the MIT 401(k) Plan and the TDA/403(b) program and have additional money to invest. An overview of investments designed to minimize the effect of income taxes on returns.
Date/location: February 10 at noon; Student Center, Twenty Chimneys; February 24 at 1pm; Killian Hall
(Rm 14W-111)

Understanding Your 401(k) Investment Options -- A discussion of the Variable Fund, Fixed Fund and the Money Market Fund, focusing on investment guidelines and returns.
Date/location: February 17 at 11am; Killian Hall (Rm 14W-111)

Your Annual MIT Retirement Plan Statement of Benefits -- A discussion of reading the 1998 annual statement (to be mailed in late February), reviewing assumptions used in preparing retirement income estimates and discussing the one-time market value adjustment.
Date/location: February 24 at noon; Killian Hall (Rm 14W-111)

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions -- A presentation designed to help you decide how to take advantage of the changes in the MIT Retirement Plans.
Date/location: February 17 at noon; February 24 at 11am; Both in Killian Hall (Rm 14W-111)

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on February 3, 1999.

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