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Voting on for young Corporation member

The annual election to name a recent graduate to the MIT Corporation, the Institute's governing body, is now underway.

This category of membership on the Corporation was created in 1970. Each year, one person receiving any degree from MIT in the current year or in one of the two preceding years is elected through this ballot process to a five-year term on the Corporation.

Ballots have been sent to those eligible to vote in this year's election -- members of the Classes of 1997, 1998 and 1999. The candidates selected among the nominees by the Corporation Screening Committee are Sangeeta N. Bhatia (SM 1993, PhD 1997), Dedric A. Carter (SB/MEng expected in 1999), Michael D.D. Clarke (SB 1992, SM 1994, SM 1997, ScD 1998), Duane H. Dreger (SB expected in 1999), David Goldhaber-Gordon (PhD in physics expected in 1999), Martin J. Gilkes (SB 1997), Brad Gray (SB 1998), Jennifer Kelly (SB expected in 1999), Eve Phillips (SB/MEng expected in 1999) and Pardis Sabeti (SB 1997).

Ballots must be returned by May 3.

A version of this article appeared in the April 14, 1999 issue of MIT Tech Talk (Volume 43, Number 26).

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