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SAP user group to discuss new features

All members of the MIT community are invited to join the MIT SAP User Group, in which SAP users can discuss the features and use ofthe software and the new Institute business processes that SAP supports. The group will meet next on Tuesday, April 21 from 2-3pm in Rm 56-114.

April's meeting will deal with recent changes and additions to the reports available from the SAP reporting menu. These include:

  • The "Summary Statement" report, which prints in the landscape mode to include all available columns The "Journal Vouchers Postings Report," which shows journal voucher activity by cost object "Purchasing Overview" reports, which can be run by vendor or by cost object An improved "Payment Report" showing check stub information SAP requisitions can now be printed The "Cost Object Consolidation Report," which allows the user to summarize the activity of many cost objects in one report.

Additionally, a new program is in the standard MIT "Accounting" menu called "Convert Legacy Architecture" that will translate legacy account numbers and object codes to SAP cost objects and cost elements.

Anyone with questions about the event may contact Robert Murray at x8-7318 or

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on April 15, 1998.

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