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Retiree education fund announced at dinner

Fifty-five retiring faculty and staff were honored at a Faculty Club dinner on June 1, where President Charles M. Vest unveiled a retiree education fund named in honor of Senior Vice President William R. Dickson, an MIT alumnus and employee for 40 years.

The Quarter Century Club William R. Dickson Retiree Education Fund was established by the QCC with an initial $100,000 Institute grant to assist retirees who are members of the QCC in pursuing educational goals after retirement from the Institute. Eligible retirees may apply for grants to reimburse them for tuition for courses or training below the graduate level.

This year's co-winners for MIT longevity are Professors William T. Peake of electrical engineering and computer science (EECS) and Walter E. Morrow, Jr., director of Lincoln Laboratory -- both at the Institute for 47 years. The full list of retirees follows.

Michael Athans, EECS, 37 years.
Irving R. Baird, Jr., Lincoln Lab, 16 years.
Robert D. Blake, Alumni Association, 29 years.
Richard A. Bolt, Media Lab, 21 years.
Paul R. Bragger, Housing, 18 years.
Estelle M. Cashman, Community and Donor Relations, 10 years.
George H. Chihoski, Plasma Science and Fusion Center, 27 years.
Charles C. Counselman, III, Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences (EAPS), 33 years.
Elizabeth B. Court, Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology, 13 years.
Edward S. Darna, Music and Theater Arts, 34 years.
John J. Deely, Lincoln Lab Group 11, 12 years.
Ann F. Delaney, Lincoln Fiscal Office, 37 years.
William R. Dickson, Senior Vice President, 40 years.
John J. Donovan, Sloan School of Management, 31 years.
William F. Downes, Alumni Association, 10 years.
George R. Elderd, Sr., Campus Police, 31 years.
Edward M. Gaposchkin, Lincoln Lab Group 91, 15 years.
Lee Grodzins, Physics, 39 years.
Robert L. Haefner, Physical Plant, 24 years.
Charles H. Helliwell Jr., Civil and Environmental Engineering, 20 years.
Norman L. Iverson, Francis Bitter Magnet Lab, 34 years.
Howard J. Kennett, Libraries, 22 years.
Samuel Jay Keyser, Linguistics and Philosophy, 21 years.
Milton R. Kirste, Lincoln Lab Group 11, 11 years.
Richard V. Maietta, Physical Plant, 10 years.
Walter B. Martell, Physical Plant, 13 years.
Thomas L. McCorkle, MIT Press, 31 years.
Jane S. McNabb, EAPS, 42 years.
Charles C. Meagher, Physical Plant, 25 years.
John E. Meyer, Nuclear Engineering, 23 years.
Stephen N. Miller, Lincoln Lab Group 101, 11 years.
George L. Moran, Physical Plant, 32 years.
Robert J. Morrison, Office of Lab Supplies, 32 years.
Walter E. Morrow, Jr., Lincoln Lab Director, 47 years.
Cornelius J. Murphy, Physical Plant, 39 years.
Anna M. Nagy, Lincoln Lab Group 10, 20 years.
Robert J. Neal, Lincoln Lab, 23 years.
Mae Nigohosian, Sloan School, 10 years.
William T. Peake, EECS, 47 years.
C. Ross Peatfield, Lincoln Lab HR, 36 years.
William F. Pounds, Sloan School, 37 years.
Robert P. Rafuse, Lincoln Lab, 39 years.
David V. Ragone, Materials Science and Engineering, 11 years.
Helen M. Raine, Aeronautics and Astronautics, 31 years.
Paul H. Rouillard, Lincoln Lab Group 18, 11 years.
Robert Samuel, Lab for Nuclear Science, 19 years.
Beatriz Santos, Physical Plant, 19 years.
Eugene D. Savoye, Lincoln Lab Group 87, 10 years.
Paul R. Schimmel, Biology, 30 years.
Polly L. Slade-McCurley, Sloan School, 17 years.
Walter W. Stoll, Physical Plant, 30 years.
Mildred P. Themelis, Lincoln Lab Group 72, 19 years.
Irving W. Webber, Physical Plant, 43 years.
Marjorie Wedlock, Resource Development, 19 years.
Thonekeo Xayxanavethy, Industrial Liaison Program, 17 years.������������������

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on July 15, 1998.

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