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Quarter Century Club inducts 119 members

At an April 2 Faculty Club luncheon, 119 new members were inducted into the MIT Quarter Century Club (QCC), whose membership includes faculty, administrative, research, support and service staff who have worked at MIT for at least 25 years. Glenn Strehle, vice president for finance and treasurer, was the guest speaker.

Thirty-one of the new members are women. Sixty-seven inductees are from campus and 52 are from Lincoln Laboratory. This year's group has two fewer members than last year's 121 inductees, bringing the total QCC membership to approximately 2,693 (2,223 men and 470 women).

The QCC will hold its annual summer picnic on August 18 in the Johnson Athletic Center from 4:30-7 pm. Other QCC events in 1998 include a Silver Club high tea for women on October 13 at the Faculty Club, and the QCC holiday gathering on December 8 in the Stratton Student Center.

This year's new QCC members are:

Gary W. Ahlgren, Lincoln Lab Group 108
Lyle G. Aker, Lincoln Fiscal Office
Christine M. Anderson, Lincoln Lab Division 4
Nicholas A. Ashford, School of Engineering
Robert K. Ashworth Jr., Lincoln Lab Group 98
Dennis Baron, VP for Information Systems
Ronald F. Bauer, Lincoln Lab Group 66
Jane L. Benoit, Lincoln Lab Group 105
Alan D. Bernard, Lincoln Lab Group 106
Donald L. Browne, Physical Plant
Allan S. Bufferd, Treasurer's Office
Myrna Callender, Physical Plant
Michael F. Clifford, Lincoln Lab Group 13
Louis S. DiPalma, Lincoln Lab Group 96
Patricia A. Dixon, Civil and Environmental Eng. (CEE)
Sheila A. Dodson, Lab for Nuclear Science
Viktor Dubrowski, Aeronautics and Astronautics
Theodore W. Ducas, Research Lab of Electronics
Herbert Einstein, CEE
Joseph A. Ficarra, Physical Plant
Anthony E. Filip, Lincoln Lab Group 108
Robert A. Ford, Lincoln Lab Group 102
Steven E. Forman, Lincoln Lab Group 75
Daniel G. Fouche, Lincoln Lab Group 94
Rochelle R. Friedman, Medical Department
Jeffrey L. Gertz, Lincoln Lab Group 42
Reinhard K. Goethert, Architecture
David A. Gwinn, Plasma Science and Fusion Center
Dennis R. Hall, Lincoln Lab Group 93
Monica M. Hammond, Controller's Accounting Office
Linda F. Hampson, Lincoln Lab Human Resources
Robert L. Harvey, Lincoln Lab Group 32
Jerry A. Hausman, Economics
Arnoldo C. Hax, Economics
Hans F. Hinteregger, Haystack Observatory
Jon H. Holtham, Lincoln Lab Group 86
Nancy H. Hopkins, Biology
Berthold K.P. Horn, EECS
James W. Hunt, Lincoln Lab Group 91
Jean E. Jackson, Anthropology
Henry D. Jacoby, Sloan School
Robert L. Jaffe, Physics
Gerald D. Johnson, Lincoln Lab Group 84
Paul L. Joskow, Economics
Paul C. Joss, Physics
John J. Kangas, Lincoln Lab Group 64
Robert L. Kehner, Libraries
Gerard F. Kenny, Medical Department
Jack G. Keumarian, Audio Visual Services
Judith T. Kildow, Ocean Engineering
Robert P. Konieczka, Lincoln Lab Group 86
John M. Kowalski, Lincoln Lab Group 72
Daniel T. Langdale, Graduate Education Office
Carmine J. LaRocca, Housing
John L. Leeper, Lincoln Lab Group 32
Barbara H. Liskov, EECS
William J. Loubsky, Lincoln Lab Group 35
Karen K. Luxton, Energy Lab
John A. Maccini, Lincoln Lab Group 42
Leonard J. Mahoney, Lincoln Lab Group 84
Carl D. Martland, CEE
Ivan Mastovsky, Plasma Science and Fusion Center
June L. Matthews, Physics
Joseph T. Mayhan, Lincoln Lab Group 34
Charles A. McClure, Lincoln Lab Group 11
Richard B. McSheehy, Lincoln Lab Group 101
Linda R. Meinke, EAPS
James M. Mullett, Service Process
Frederick J. O'Donnell, Lincoln Lab Group 83
Barbara L. O'Pray, Medical Department
Vincent A. Orlando, Lincoln Lab Group 42
Mary-Lou Pardue, Biology
Ronald E. Parker, Service Process
Claire L. Paulding, Personnel Office
Lynne Perry, Lincoln Lab Human Resources
Ruth Perry, Literature Section
Roger K. Philbrick, Lincoln Lab Group 34
Shirley D. Phillips, Housing
Marianne Pietrzyk, Lincoln Lab Group 35
Karen R. Polenske, Urban Studies and Planning
Joan F. Rice, V.P. Human Resources
Anne L. Richard, Music and Theatre Arts
H. Francis Rittershaus, Lincoln Lab Group 63
John F. Rogers, Lincoln Lab Group 72
Nicholas F. Rosato, Lincoln Lab Division 9
Mary P. Rowe, Office of the President
Antonio Sanchez-Rubio, Lincoln Lab Group 82
Marilyn D. Semprucci, Lincoln Lab Group 64
Margaret A. Shea, Alumni Association
Margarita Siafaca, Center for Cancer Research
Charles J. Simas, Physical Plant
Elliot Singer, Lincoln Lab Group 62
Victoria V. Sirianni, Physical Plant
William C. Smith, Campus Police
Fred John Solman III, Lincoln Lab Group 96
Nadine A. Solomon, Biology
Richard M. Spitzberg, Lincoln Lab Group 35
Ronald E. Sprague, Lincoln Lab Group 67
Ramaswamy Sridharan, Lincoln Lab Group 91
Stephen G. Steadman, Lab for Nuclear Science
Peter H. Stone, EAPS
George W. Tajima, Lincoln Lab Group 76
Toyoichi Tanaka, Physics
Peter C. Tappan, Center for Space Research
David M. Terry, Service Process
Lewis A. Thurman, Lincoln Lab Division 10
Robert L. Van De Pitte, Office of Sponsored Programs
John Van Maanen, Sloan School
Frederick G. Walther, Lincoln Lab Group 67
Sandra S. Wellford, Urban Studies and Planning
William C. Wheaton, Economics
Robert H. Whiting, Lincoln Lab Group 47
Clarence G. Williams, Office of the President
Lorenzo B. Williams, Jr., Lincoln Lab Group 73
Roy Williams, Physical Plant
Dieter Willner, Lincoln Lab Group 34
Michael P. Wirzbicki, Lincoln Lab Group 72
John P. Woods, Lincoln Lab Group 64

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on April 15, 1998.

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