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Moavenzadeh is new director of CTPID

Professor Fred Moavenzadeh, the George Macomber Professor of Construction Engineering and Management, has been named director of the Center for Technology, Policy, and Industrial Development (CTPID), effective September 1.

Founded in 1985 to foster teaching and research that focus on policy issues related to science and technology, CTPID is an association of 10 research and two academic programs which has pioneered several programs involving university/industry/government relationships. Professor Moavenzadeh is the director of the Technology and Development Program (TDD), which now joins CTPID. At CTPID, he replaces Professor Daniel Roos, who was named associate dean of engineering.

Acting Dean of Engineering Professor John Vander Sande said, "As we look to the 21st century, the School of Engineering faces issues and challenges which go beyond providing excellence in engineering science and are very much reflective of CTPID themes--applications in which technology interfaces with society and the natural environment, which require interdisciplinary approaches��������������������������� The breadth of experience and outstanding leadership [Professor Moavenzadeh] has demonstrated in other programs and endeavors will help CTPID expand its international scope and its interdisiplinary reach."

In making the announcement, Professor Vander Sande also thanked Professor Joel Clark, who served as the interim director of CTPID for the past year. He added, "Of course, Professor Clark will continue to participate in the Center's activities as co-director of the International Motor Vehicle Program and will also become the educational coordinator of the Engineering Systems Council. This new position has been created in anticipation of the formation of the Division of Engineering Systems in the School of Engineering."

Professor Moavenzadeh's field of interest is construction engineering and management, with a primary focus on international construction, construction finance, strategic management and environmental markets for construction. He has had extensive involvement in interdisciplinary research, teaching activities and consultation to international organizations.

As TDD director since 1973, Professor Moavenzadeh has, in collaboration with other MIT faculty, conducted discussions and seminars on engineering, economic, social and political issues involved in evaluating investment and technological decisions. He was appointed by President Charles M. Vest to direct the 1993 Industry Summit, which brought together 1,000 participants from 47 countries to discuss the latest knowledge, trends and technologies that will affect global industry strategies in the 21st century.

Professor Moavenzadeh is currently directing collaborative programs in Argentina, Thailand and Malaysia, as well as a feasibility study for the establishment of an Institute of Science and Technology for Latin America, based in Costa Rica. He is also involved with the Alliance for Global Sustainability and supervises a project on future cities.

He has degrees from Teheran University, Cornell University and Purdue University. He joined the MIT faculty in 1965 as an assistant professor, became an associate professor the next year and full professor in 1972.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on September 30, 1998.

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