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EECS students garner honors

At the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science annual spring party held this year at the Museum of Science on May 17, two faculty members and more than 30 students and were presented with awards.

Several graduate students were recognized for their teaching abilities. The Carlton E. Tucker Teaching Award was given to Soosan Beheshti of Cambridge, the Harold L. Hazen Teaching Award went to Timothy J. Denison of Seattle, and the Frederick C. Hennie III Teaching Award was given to James Hockenberry of Carlisle, PA, and Edward W. Kohler of Holliston, MA.

MIT PhD recipients Carl de Marcken ('96) won the George M. Sprowls Scholarship for the Best PhD Thesis in Computer Science, while Pamela Lipson ('96) of Cambridge and Robert Ringrose ('97) won honorable mention.

Winners of the Northern Telecom/BNR Project Award for the best 6.111 (Introduction to Digital Systems Laboratory) project in the spring 1997 term were seniors James M. Montgomery of Los Angeles and John C. Whaley of Torrance, CA. Winners for the fall 1997 term were seniors Balasundar I Raju of Tamil Nadu, India and Hur Koser of Istanbul, Turkey.

The Morris Joseph Levin Award for the Best MasterWorks Oral Thesis Presentation went to graduate students Craig Abler of Potomac, MD; Susan Dacy of Hudson, FL; Jeffrey P. Grossman of Toronto, Canada; Daniel Lewin of Haifa, Israel; and Laura C. Pruette of Germantown, TN.

Juniors Eric Cosman Jr., of Belmont, MA and Jared Smith-Mickelson of Palo Alto, CA, won the George C. Newton Undergraduate Laboratory Prize. The David A. Chanen Writing Award went to Jonathan P. Pearce, a junior from Santa Monica, CA. Tracey Ho, a junior from Singapore, won the Norman R. Carson Junior Award. Seniors Holly G. Gates of Tehachapi, CA, and Benjamin Douts of Seven Valleys, PA, were recognized with awards by the Reinhold Rudenberg Memorial Fund.

Several graduate students were also recognized for their theses. The Charles and Jennifer Johnson Thesis Prize was presented to Jonathan R. Santos of Piscataway, NJ. Andrew F. Stark of Reston, VA, won the William A. Martin Memorial Thesis Prize, and Leaf A. Jiang of New York, NY, won the David Adler Memorial Thesis Prize. First prize for the Ernst A. Guillemin Thesis Award went to Everest W. Huang of Cordova, TN, while Qiang Wu of Gaithersburg, MD, and Anthony J. Accardi of Somerset, NJ, took second prize.

Robert A. Fano UROP Awards were presented to Dennis J. Evangelista, a senior from Freehold, NJ, and Christopher R. Laughman, a junior from Bolton, CT.

The Department Head's Special Recognition Award was presented to Professor Jesus A. del Alamo. Professor Duane S. Boning won the Ruth and Joel Spira Teaching Award. Graduate student Kent H. Lundberg of Weston, MA, won promotion to instructor.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on June 3, 1998.

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