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Directories being distributed on campus

Distribution of the MIT Faculty and Staff Directory and the Student Directory is underway. As with last year, directories will be distributed through the 36 Distributed Mail Centers (DMCs) managed by Mail Services. Based on the head count in the areas served by each local DMC, the Communications Office will leave an appropriate number of directories there for pickup.

The Communications Office again asks for the support of the community to ensure a fair distribution of directories. Please pick up only enough copies to meet your office's current needs.

Deliveries of student directories will be made to all residences on campus. Fraternity and sorority members may pick up copies in Rm W20-549. Other students who live off campus may visit the Information Center in Rm 7-121 for their copies. Please bring appropriate identification.

Anyone who needs extra copies of either directory may send e-mail to the Communications Office at after October 23, specifying the extra quantities required.

Tim Blackburn of the Publishing Services Bureau designed the covers for this year's directories. They feature research conducted by members of the Biomedical Engineering Center (BMEC) in the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology (HST).

The background image on the Faculty and Staff Directory cover, produced by Professor Elazer Edelman, BMEC director, and his associate Dr. Edward Koo, is of endothelial cells. These cells form the critical lining of the blood vessel and their integrity dictates the course of vascular health or disease.

The cells in the background image on the Student Directory cover are from the internal tissue of the adrenal gland. Each cell nucleus appears pale blue. The cover image was produced by Sohah Iqbal (SB 1998, now an HST graduate student) under the direction of Professor Edelman in HST and Professor Monty Krieger of the Department of Biology.

The BMEC is dedicated to applying the rigors of the physical sciences to elucidate fundamental biological processes and mechanisms of disease. BMEC programs span a wide range of disciplines, with its resources made available to investigators from MIT and Harvard. For more information about the BMEC, visit HST's web site.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on October 21, 1998.

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