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MIT statement on incident at Beta Theta Pi

The incident that occurred early Friday at Beta Theta Pi is unacceptable behavior and MIT on Friday took the following five steps:

  • MIT has suspended the fraternity from holding any social events or actvitiies, including rush events, until more information is known.
  • MIT has required that the house be alcohol free, pending review.
  • The alumni corporation, which owns the house, has agreed to augment supervision at the house.
  • The alumni corporation will review the status of the summer residents and will take appropriate action, including eviction if warranted.
  • The Interfraternity Council will take appropriate disciplinary action once the facts are fully known.

MIT will cooperate fully with all authorities involved, including the Boston Licensing Board.


Boston University Police reported a BU police cruiser in the alley behind Bay State Road was struck by beer cans and bottles thrown from the roof of 119 Bay State Road at about 1:00 AM. BU Police went to the roof and found about 50 people having a party.

Boston Police were called in, interviewed non-fraternity summer residents of the house, guests, and fraternity members. Police reported they confiscated two beer kegs, two City of Boston parking meters, a marijuana bong pipe, and a two-edged knife.

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