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Media Lab doctoral candidate Claudio Pinhanez's computer theater piece It/I was presented at Eurographics '98 (the European Association for Computer Graphics). A video of the work was shown continuously for the animation contest at the leading international computer graphics conference in Europe, held September 2-4 in Lisbon, Portugal.

This summer, Grace Chung, who earned her master's degree in electrical engineering in 1997 and is currently working on a doctorate in computer speech, spent her Saturday nights singing at The Improv Asylum. She "may seem pretty straitlaced," proclaimed a Boston Globe profile (August 30), "But when she stands up on stage and sings Mae West's 'Peel Me A Grape,' she embodies all the vamp and steamy fun of early swing clubs and blues/jazz singers like Billie Holiday." Ms. Chung performs withvarious MIT and Berklee guest musicians on Saturdays from 10-midnight. The concerts are free and the Improv Asylum is located at 216 Hanover St. in the North End.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on September 23, 1998.

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The book cover has bright yellow lights like fireflies, and says, “The Transcendent Brain: Spirituality in the Age of Science; Alan Lightman, best-selling author of Searching for Stars on an Island in Maine.” On the right is a portrait of Alan Lightman.

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