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Awards and Honors

Alexander V. Mamishev, a grad-uate student in electrical engineering and computer science, has been awarded an $18,000 Link Foundation Energy Fellowship for 1998-99. Mr. Mamishev, a PhD candidate, works in the Laboratory for Electromagnetic and Electronic Systems and the High Voltage Research Laboratory. His thesis research concerns sensor design, fabrication, parameter estimation algorithms, and applications of interdigital frequency wave number dielectrometry. Potential applications for his work include measurement of porosity, state of cure, and presence of contaminants and flaws in materials; electrochemical parameters in electrical double layers; and detection of plastic and metallic land mines.

JoAnne Yates, associate professor of management communication and information studies at the Sloan School, won the biennial Harold F. Williamson Medal awarded in March by the Business History Conference. Yates's contributions to business history include Control Through Communication: The Rise of System in American Management (Johns Hopkins University Press) as well as writings on contemporary electronic technology. She shares the prize for mid-career achievement with Steve Tolliday of the University of Leeds.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on April 15, 1998.

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