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More buildings get recycling containers

Recycling of newspaper and commingled materials (plastic #1 and #2, glass and metal containers) has been expanded to the first-floor lobbies of Buildings 1, 3, 12, 35, W31, W32, Walker Memorial and E60. There are also containers on the N52 loading dock for these materials.

Advertising inserts may be included with newspapers to be recycled, but magazines are not acceptable. Material should be placed individually or bundled with string or in a paper bag (no plastic bags). Commingled materials should be rinsed and deposited individually.

Along with the permanent drop-off sites in Rm E19-006 and Rm 56-086, there are now two temporary red dumpsters for phone book and catalogue recycling -- one in the Sloan School parking lot behind Building E52 and one behind Building 13.

Any soft-covered books with interior newspaper print or white paper -- including MIT directories, Yellow Pages, course catalogues, magazines, manila folders, paperbacks and file folders without the metal supports -- can also be placed in the phone book/catalogue containers. Materials with staples are acceptable, but other metal such as paper clips, file supports, etc., are not. Hard cover books and plastic trash bags are also not acceptable, though paper bags or cardboard boxes may be used.

For additional information on recycling, visit the Web site at <>. Anyone with questions or comments about recycling at MIT, may contact recycling coordinator Jennifer Combs at <> or x3-7671.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on October 8, 1997.

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