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MIT phone books on the way

Copies of the Faculty and Staff Directory and the Student Directory are now being distributed through the 36 Distributed Mail Centers (DMCs) managed by Mail Services.

Based on the head count in the areas served by each DMC, the Communications Office will leave an appropriate number of faculty and staff directories there for pickup. The Student Directory will no longer be mailed to faculty and staff with labels, but will be distributed through the DMCs as well.

To ensure a fair distribution of directories, the Communications Office asks people to pick up only enough to meet their office's current needs. Anyone who wants extra copies of either directory may send e-mail to the Communications Office at after Friday, Oct. 24, specifying the extra quantities requested.

Student directories will be delivered to all residences on campus. Fraternity and sorority members may pick up copies in Rm W20-549. Other students who live off campus may obtain directories by visiting the Information Center in Rm 7-121 (MIT identification is required).

The covers for this year's directories, featuring the MIT Sea Grant College Program's Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV) Laboratory, were designed by Tim Blackburn of the Publishing Services Bureau. Faculty and Staff Directory cover photos were taken by Enrico Ferorelli.

The Student Directory features students deploying an Odyssey IIB in Massachusetts Bay to test the AUV's ability to rendezvous and dock with an automatic recharging station. Those photos were taken by John Kim, who worked with the AUV Lab and recently received the SM from the Department of Ocean Engineering.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on October 22, 1997.

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