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Lock/key systems changing

Physical Plant has announced some changes to the key and lock systems used on campus. In addition, there is a new form to use in requesting keys.

MIT is in the process of switching from one keying system to another because the original manufacturer, Yale, is no longer producing the kind of locks the Institute needs. From now on, when there are major renovations or new facilities are built, MIT will use Schlage locks and keys. The change to the Schlage system will be gradual, and departments don't need to do anything at this point. Ultimately, there will be five different key systems on campus, corresponding to the five Repair and Maintenance zones. The keys for each zone system will be distinctive; keys for one zone will not work in another zone. Departments with space in more than one zone will be given the appropriate keys for all of their spaces.

There will also be a sixth system for all Institute service areas such as classrooms, Athena cluster rooms, and telephone, utility and janitors' closets.

Requests for repairs to any existing locks should be directed to the appropriate local Repair and Maintenance zone.

A new form for requesting keys is accessible on the Web at <> or at the Physical Plant home page under the request forms. Questions about requests for new keys should be directed to Sharon Flanagan in Rm E18-210, x3-3257, <>.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on July 16, 1997.

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