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11 receive awards in chemistry

Eleven seniors in chemistry received honors at an awards ceremony following the Department of Chemistry's Senior Recognition Dinner on May 8, which honored 41 graduating seniors. Institute Professor John Deutch (SB '61, PhD) gave the keynote address at the ceremony, speaking of his experiences in US foreign affairs and as head of the CIA under Presdent Clinton.

Federico Bernal of Guayanbo, PR, Hisham Eissa of Rockville, MD, and Lily Huang of Williamsburg, NY, received the Chemistry Undergraduate Teaching Award, presented for outstanding work as teaching assistants in chemistry.

Raylene Sanchez of Stony Point, NY, was the recipient of the Chemistry Undergraduate Service Award, presented for her role as President of ClubChem, MIT's undergraduate chemistry club.

Annie Lee of Kyungkido, South Korea, Doris Lin of Englewood Cliffs, NJ, and Srivatsan Raghavan of Pittsburgh, PA, received the Merck Index award. This award is presented in honor of extraordinary scholarship in the field of chemistry.

Zoltan Maliga of East Brunswick, NJ, was presented with the Hypercube Scholar Award, which is given to honor contributions to the advancement of computers and technology in the teaching of chemistry.

Lillian Chong of McLean, VA, was the recipient of the American Institute of Chemists Foundation Award, presented in recognition of noteworthy achievement, ability, leadership and character.

Ms. Chong and Jennifer Sokol of River Falls, WI, received the Chemistry Undergraduate Research Award, given to honor outstanding research in the field of chemistry.

Ms. Sokol and Junko Tamiya of Tokyo were presented with the Alpha Chi Sigma Award, presented for achievement in research, scholarship and service to the chemistry department. These two students will graduate at the top of their class.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on June 4, 1997.

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