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Security rules issued for Commencement

Campus Police Chief Anne P. Glavin has announced to the MIT community that a number of security measures will be in force on Commencement day, June 7, because of the presence of Vice President Albert Gore.

"We have taken great care to assure maximum security with as little interference with the Commencement program as possible," she said. "The security guidelines have been developed by the MIT Campus Police and the Commencement Committee in consultation with the US Secret Service. We are providing the guidelines in advance of commencement to ensure that all members of

the community are aware of the tighter than usual security requirements and to allow time for discussion of any questions."

The guidelines are as follows:

1. Access to Killian Court for the commencement proceedings will be channeled through designated ticket areas. Only those individuals with Commencement tickets, participants in the academic procession and authorized individuals acting in official capacities related to Commencement will be allowed into Killian Court. As in the past, the ceremony will be covered on closed circuit TV in Huntington Hall (Rm 10-250), Lobby 7 and other locations on campus, including Rms 4-231, 4-270, 4-370, 9-150 and 34-101.

2. No access will be allowed in the areas to the sides and to the rear of the stage in Killian Court. The doors entering Killian Court from Building 10 will be closed.

3. All windows overlooking Killian Court must be closed from 9am until noon. Occupants of offices and laboratories that overlook the court are cautioned that an open window will prompt immediate response from Campus Police or Secret Service. Occupants of offices are asked to be particularly alert, and to call the Campus Police at x3-1212, regarding the presence of strangers or any unusual activities in their office space during Commencement.

4. Non-disruptive demonstrations are appropriate in public spaces away from Killian Court or its entrance near Memorial Drive. State Police will patrol the Memorial Drive area.

5. As in past years, MIT Campus Police will do what is appropriate and within their power to prevent disruption of the Commencement exercises. Because of Vice President Gore's presence, any disruptive activity in the Killian Court area will be treated with low tolerance by the Secret Service and MIT Campus Police.

6. Graduates please note: No champagne bottles or other containers will be allowed on stage during Commencement.

"We trust that all members of the community will understand the need for these security requirements," Chief Glavin said.

Questions regarding the guidelines or other Commencement security issues can be addressed to Professor Martin F. Schlecht, chairman of the Commencement Committee, at x3-3407, or Chief Glavin at x3-9760.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on May 15, 1996.

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