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ROTC Task Force nears recommendation

MIT's ROTC Task Force has nearly completed work on formulating the recommendation it will present at the March 20 meeting of the MIT Faculty.

Professor Stephen Graves, chair of the ROTC Task Force, said copies of the recommendation will be sent to all faculty members in advance of the meeting.

President Charles M. Vest convened the ROTC Task Force in October, taking a step called for in a 1990 faculty resolution. The resolution was approved following a series of events that focused attention on the conflict between MIT's policy of nondiscrimination and the Department of Defense policy of barring military service based on sexual orientation. The resolution called for the establishment in 1995 of a task force that would evaluate progress toward a changed DOD policy. The task force was asked to recommend a future course of action for the Institute.

The ROTC Task Force has held a number of forums in the community in recent weeks.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on March 13, 1996.

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