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MIT's record-size retirement `Class of 1996'

Following are the names, areas and years of service (as reported by the Personnel Office) of those who retired from MIT between June 1, 1995 and Sept. 30, 1996:

Edward Adamczyk, Lincoln, 28 years.
Martha H. Adams, Mathematics, 18 years.
Joseph Aiesi, Physical Plant, 31 years.
Philbert Alleyne, Lincoln, 20 years.
Kenneth O. Alves, Lincoln, 36 years.
Allan H. Anderson, Lincoln, 39 years.
Antoinette M. Anderson, Endicott House, 8 years.
Carl H. Anderson, Jr., Lincoln, 42 years.
Janet K. Anderson, Plasma Fusion Center, 40 years.
Mary H. Andresen, Comptroller's Accounting Office, 32 years.
George Arias, Housing and Food Services, 22 years.
Emory D. Ariel, Lincoln, 36 years.
Guenter Arndt, Materials Science and Engineering, 40 years.
Kathleen A. Arthur, Purchasing and Stores, 37 years.
Raymond A. Ausrotas, Aeronautics and Astronautics, 34 years.
Ragnhild M. Bairnsfather, Libraries, 21 years.
Charles H. Ball, Public Relations Services, 23 years.
Robert W. Balluffi, Materials Science and Engineering, 18 years.
Jeanne M. Baptista, Lincoln Fiscal Office, 29 years.
Michel Baranger, Physics, 27 years.
Nancie M. Barber, Alumni Association, 12 years.
William F. Barranger, Endicott House, 9 years.
Joanne C. Barrett, Biology, 18 years.
Donald A. Batson, Safety Office, 30 years.
Joseph A. Bauer, Brain and Cognitive Sciences, 32 years.
Edward T. Bayliss, Lincoln, 21 years.
Leonard F. Bayne, Document Services, 39 years.
Herbert D. Becker, Plasma Fusion Center, 17 years.
Edmond R. Becotte, Lincoln, 24 years.
George S. Beebe, Lincoln, 20 years.
Roger E. Belanger, Lincoln, 32 years.
Richard A. Bennett, Lincoln, 12 years.
Morton Berlan, Vice President for Information Systems, 29 years.
Thomas H. Berry, Jr., Physical Plant, 28 years.
Abraham Bers, EECS, 43 years.
Norman L.J. Berube, Mechanical Engineering, 32 years.
E. Jane Betts, Athletics Department, 20 years.
Janet Beyer, Medical Department, 20 years.
Barbara J. Bidstrup, Medical Department, 12 years.
John B. Bidwell, Facilities Management Systems, 22 years.
Joseph W. Bielinski, Lincoln, 32 years.
Klaus Biemann, Chemistry, 42 years.
Christine Bilmazes, Brain and Cognitive Sciences, 31 years.
Joseph H. Binsack, Center for Space Research, 38 years.
Lee C. Birks, Housing and Food Services, 31 years.
Roland J. Blais, Lincoln, 23 years.
Lucille A. Blake, Mechanical Engineering, 36 years.
James T. Blasi, Lincoln, 36 years.
Phyllis L. Block, Mathematics, 41 years.
Nancy A. Blue, Lincoln, 24 years.
Emanuel S. Bobrov, Francis Bitter National Magnet Laboratory, 20 years.
Diana M. Borsini, MIT Press, 38 years.
Joseph A. Bosco, Plasma Fusion Center, 26 years.
Edward D. Bowles, Center for Space Research, 34 years.
Edwin L. Bradshaw, Physical Plant, 14 years.
Elma Bradshaw, Physical Plant, 11 years.
Virginia S. Brambilla, Mechanical Engineering, 12 years.
David Breakstone, Sloan, 15 years.
Donald L. Brems, Physical Plant, 13 years.
Stephen S. Britten, Lincoln, 24 years.
William T. Brogan, Lincoln, 26 years.
Gene M. Brown, Biology, 42 years.
Gerald W. Brown, Laboratory for Computer Science, 29 years.
Harold Brown, Jr., Athletics Department, 29 years.
Monica D. Brown, Physical Plant, 12 years.
Paul E. Brown, Center for Advanced Educational Services, 32 years.
Kathryn D. Brownell, Chemical Engineering, 36 years.
James S. Brunner, Lincoln, 31 years.
Jacqueline A. Buck, Medical Department, 32 years.
Naida L. Buckingham, Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences, 12 years.
Chester A. Bukowski, Lincoln, 11 years.
Robert K. Burgess, Environmental Medical Service, 32 years.
Bernard F. Burke, Physics, 47 years.
David E. Burnett, Comptroller's Accounting Office, 33 years.
Ivan E. Burris, Lincoln, 27 years.
Michael L. Burrows, Lincoln, 32 years.
John R. Byrda, Laboratory for Nuclear Science, 23 years.
James P. Byrne, EECS, 38 years.
Ronald J. Byrnes, Physical Plant, 23 years.
Robert J. Cady, Haystack Observatory, 44 years.
William A. Caiewski, Operations and Systems, 10 years.
Rita M. Caissie, Division of Toxicology, 18 years.
Josephine E. Calareso, Biology, 39 years.
Dennis J. Callahan, Jr., Lincoln, 43 years.
Elizabeth Campbell, Clinical Research Center, 12 years.
Michael J. Cantella, Lincoln, 12 years.
Raymond N. Capes, Jr., Lincoln, 29 years.
Louise E. Carella, Industrial Liaison Program, 32 years.
A. Douglas Carmichael, Ocean Engineering, 26 years.
George E. Carney, Physical Plant, 30 years.
Paul N. Carpenter, Lincoln, 12 years.
James D. Carroll, Lincoln, 26 years.
H. Robert Catalan, Lincoln, 30 years.
Michael M. Catalano, Lincoln, 45 years.
John L. Cataldo, Lincoln, 34 years.
Ralph S. Cataldo, Lincoln, 23 years.
Lorraine S. Cavallaro, Laboratory for Computer Science, 29 years.
Nancy E. Cavanagh, Music and Theater Arts Section, 15 years.
Dorothy H. Cavignano, Mechanical Engineering, 16 years.
Albert A. Cella, Lincoln, 36 years.
Anthony S. Chandler, Physical Plant, 22 years.
Tom T. S. Chang, Center for Space Research, 22 years.
W. Donald Chapman, Lincoln, 31 years.
Dorothy J. Chase, Lincoln, 30 years.
Edward A. Chateauneuf, Lincoln, 34 years.
Raymond B. Chisholm, Lincoln, 16 years.
Robert J. Choquet, Lincoln, 10 years.
Nicodemo A. Ciccia, Lincoln, 25 years.
Frank F. Cimino, Lincoln, 11 years.
George W. Clark, Physics, 46 years.
Robert N. Clark, Comptroller's Accounting Office, 37 years.
Anthony R. Clarke, Physical Plant, 20 years.
Don P. Clausing, Mechanical Engineering, 10 years.
Marilyn Clements, Urban Studies and Planning, 10 years.
William J. Coady, Financial Planning and Management, 25 years.
James B. Coffin, Jr., Physical Plant, 40 years.
William F. Colbert, Lincoln, 37 years.
Leslie L. Cole, Laboratory for Nuclear Science, 21 years.
Theodore F. Coleman, Physics, 31 years.
Nancy Collins, Personnel Office, 13 years.
Richard M. Collis, Graphic Arts, 41 years.
Rosa Belle K. Combs, Office of Laboratory Supplies, 25 years.
Donald R. Comeau, Lincoln Fiscal Office, 21 years.
Margaret M. Condon, Telecommunications Systems, 25 years.
Patricia A. Condon, Mechanical Engineering, 16 years.
Barbara Smith Connolly, Laboratory for Electromagnetic and Electronic Systems, 37 years.
Paul V. Conway, Campus Police, 15 years.
John F. Cook, Research Laboratory of Electronics, 36 years.
Ralph E. Cook, Lincoln, 19 years.
Fernando J. Corbato, EECS, 46 years.
Robert A. Corby, Lincoln, 25 years.
John P. Corcoran, Housing and Food Services, 18 years.
Lillian Cornwall, Physical Plant, 23 years.
Eduardo P. Costa, Housing and Food Services, 16 years.
James G. Costello, Center for Space Research, 10 years.
William E. Courtney, Lincoln, 27 years.
Eugene E. Covert, Aeronautics and Astronautics, 33 years.
Richard D. Cox, Campus Police, 29 years.
William N. Craig, Lincoln, 27 years.
Constance M. Cronin, Center for Space Research, 15 years.
B. Neil Cuffin, Francis Bitter National Magnet Laboratory, 22 years.
Catherine E. Cumming, Lincoln Fiscal Office, 27 years.
Ruth Cummiskey, Biology, 15 years.
Robert P. Curran, Lincoln, 44 years.
John A. Currie, Vice President for Financial Operations, 29 years.
Kreon L. Cyros, Facilities Management Systems, 34 years.
Joseph R. Daigle, Plasma Fusion Center, 29 years.
Nancy E. Dallaire, Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences , 12 years.
Sunil K. Dasgupta, Francis Bitter National Magnet Laboratory, 17 years.
Allan E. Davison, Lincoln, 14 years.
Frances M. DeAngelis, Industrial Liaison Program, 26 years.
William E. DeFeo, Lincoln, 30 years.
Edward J. Delaney, Lincoln, 36 years.
Darrol F. DeLong, Jr., Lincoln, 39 years.
John P. Delvaille, Lincoln, 14 years.
Arnold L. Demain, Biology, 27 years.
Mei-Hua Deng, Brain and Cognitive Sciences, 12 years.
Richard L. Dennis, Lincoln, 10 years.
Basil L. Derby, Lincoln, 24 years.
Anthony Desio, Housing and Food Services, 14 years.
Paul E. Desormeaux, Physical Plant, 10 years.
Joseph M. Dhosi, Materials Science and Engineering, 20 years.
Robert C. Di Iorio, Public Relations Services, 23 years.
Nikolai Diatchenko, Plasma Fusion Center, 16 years.
John Diaz, Lincoln, 38 years.
Daniel R. DiBiase, Physical Plant, 16 years.
Mary DiBiase, Physical Plant, 15 years.
Rocco DiBiase, Housing and Food Services, 12 years.
Dorothy M. DiCicco, Lincoln, 32 years.
Raymond M. Diffley, Jr., Safety Office, 32 years.
Robert M. DiGiacomo, Chemistry, 39 years.
Jean L. DiMauro, Materials Science and Engineering, 43 years.
Gerald F. Dionne, Lincoln, 29 years.
Josephine DiRocco, Lincoln, 12 years.
Alfred J. Doiron, Lincoln, 39 years.
John P. Donahue, Comptroller's Accounting Office, 34 years.
Norman B. Donald, Haystack Observatory, 39 years.
Thomas E. Donnelly, Property Office, 24 years.
Beatrice J. Dow, Lincoln, 18 years.
William Dowling, Campus Police, 11 years.
Alvin W. Drake, EECS, 38 years.
Glenice R. Drake, Lincoln, 17 years.
Edward Drakes, Physical Plant, 26 years.
Gene F. Dresselhaus, Francis Bitter National Magnet Laboratory, 36 years.
Paul R. Drouilhet, Jr., Lincoln, 37 years.
Ida K. Duffy, Purchasing - Graphic Arts, 16 years.
Robert G. Duggan, Lincoln, 35 years.
George H. Dummer, Vice President for Administration, 38 years.
John J. Dunn, Lincoln, 41 years.
Bruce E. Duquette, Lincoln, 27 years.
Geraldine L. Durant, Lincoln, 26 years.
William P. Dustin, Lincoln, 34 years.
Ira Dyer, Ocean Engineering, 39 years.
Alford Dyson, Office of the Provost, 14 years.
Cecil Eastman, Housing and Food Services, 11 years.
John L. Ebel, Lincoln, 11 years.
Alexander Eccles, Physical Plant, 24 years.
Richard S. Eckaus, Economics, 44 years.
Dorothy K. Eichel, Nuclear Reactor Laboratory, 16 years.
Josephine Eisner, Registrar's Office, 35 years.
Paul J. Enis, Lincoln Fiscal Office, 40 years.
Claire M. Enos, Purchasing and Stores, 13 years.
James B. Enos, Jr., Comptroller's Accounting Office, 33 years.
Michael C. Erard, Medical Department, 18 years.
Roy H. Erickson, Haystack Observatory, 41 years.
Yolanda Escrich, Clinical Research Center, 22 years.
Shaoul Ezekiel, Aeronautics and Astronautics, 28 years.
Margaret E. Fahey, Comptroller's Accounting Office, 44 years.
Giacomo Falcone, Physical Plant, 10 years.
William R. Fanning, Lincoln, 35 years.
Dennis J. Farrell, Francis Bitter National Magnet Laboratory, 33 years.
Pasquale Ferrara, Athletics Department, 16 years.
John C. Fielding, Lincoln, 24 years.
James D. Finlay, Lincoln, 28 years.
Philip A. Fischer, Lincoln, 38 years.
William L. Fischer, Lincoln, 17 years.
Cynthia E. Fitzgerald, Medical Department, 11 years.
James F. Fitzgerald, Lincoln, 26 years.
Patrick J. Flaherty, Physical Plant, 35 years.
Philip L. Fleck, Lincoln, 44 years.
John J. Foley, Physical Plant, 43 years.
Marie W. Foley, Biology, 21 years.
Mary R. Foley, Lincoln, 11 years.
Rosemary Malvermi Folino, Lincoln, 10 years.
George M. Folkes, Lincoln, 17 years.
Martha E. Foreman, Center for Technology, Policy, and Industrial Development, 17 years.
Virgil Foster, Housing and Food Services, 25 years.
Barbara L. Fox, Physics, 11 years.
Maurice S. Fox, Biology, 34 years.
Dorothy C. Frawley, Lincoln, 18 years.
Gloria S. Freedman, Lincoln, 25 years.
John M. Fresina, Safety Office, 35 years.
Lawrence S. Frishkopf, EECS, 30 years.
William F. Furtado, Graphic Arts, 35 years.
Gilbert P. Gagnon, Lincoln, 36 years.
Ralph A. Gakenheimer, Urban Studies and Planning, 27 years.
Robert G. Gallager, EECS, 39 years.
James F. Galvin, Bursar's Office, 19 years.
Jacqueline M. Garabedian, Lincoln, 18 years.
Anne H. Garcia, Biology, 12 years.
Carl W. Garland, Chemistry, 43 years.
Patricia E. Gavagan, Materials Science and Engineering, 32 years.
Lynn W. Gelhar, Civil and Environmental Engineering, 24 years.
Robert M. Gentile, Operations and Systems, 30 years.
William J. Gianci, Lincoln, 43 years.
Hugh G. Gill, Physical Plant, 15 years.
William B. Gilson, Brain and Cognitive Sciences, 17 years.
Virginia M. Gimilaro, Alumni Association, 17 years.
Robert R. Giudici, Lincoln, 10 years.
Thomas J. Goblick, Lincoln, 38 years.
Louis Goldberg, Physical Plant, 26 years.
John F. Goodwin, Lincoln, 41 years.
Dorothy Ann Gordon, Registrar's Office, 25 years.
George S. Gordon, Jr., Center for Space Research, 33 years.
James E. Goss, Office of Laboratory Supplies, 19 years.
Eleanor G. Gould, Lincoln, 10 years.
Leonard A. Gould, EECS, 48 years.
Wilfred E. Gourdeau, Lincoln, 15 years.
Charles R. Grader, Sloan, 10 years.
Bette F. Gramstorff, Lincoln, 17 years.
Ardeth P. Grant, Lincoln, 30 years.
Lino Grau, Physical Plant, 11 years.
Chester Graves, Housing and Food Services, 30 years.
Robert P. Greene, Media Laboratory, 27 years.
Albert R. Gregory, Lincoln, 34 years.
Michal Grela, Physical Plant, 10 years.
Jean M. Griffin, Housing and Food Services, 21 years.
Alexander Griffith, Physical Plant, 18 years.
Ralph A. Griffith, Plasma Fusion Center, 27 years.
Leon B. Groisser, Architecture, 32 years.
Steven H. Groves, Lincoln, 32 years.
John J. Guinan, Jr., EECS, 28 years.
Thomas A. Guinan, Physical Plant, 31 years.
Ragnhild T. Gundersen, Laboratory for Nuclear Science, 32 years.
Albert R. Gurney, Jr., Literature Section, 36 years.
Elias P. Gyftopoulos, Nuclear Engineering, 41 years.
Carl H. Gylfphe, Jr., Lincoln, 40 years.
Robert W. Hagerty, Physical Plant, 19 years.
Charles W. Haldeman, Lincoln, 32 years.
Morris Halle, Institute Professors, 45 years.
Janet J. Hanlon, Admissions Office, 44 years.
Lorraine A. Harding, Treasurer's Office, 18 years.
Anna B. Hardy, Biology, 16 years.
Otto K. Harling, Nuclear Reactor Laboratory, 21 years.
Donald S. Harris, Physical Plant, 32 years.
James W. Harris, Linguistics and Philosophy, 30 years.
Charles J. Hatem, Medical Department, 20 years.
Hermann A. Haus, Institute Professors, 43 years.
John T. Hawley, Lincoln, 11 years.
Stephen J. Healey, Medical Department, 12 years.
David W. Heckman, Lincoln, 24 years.
Charles E. Heitman, Campus Police, 11 years.
Stephen R. Helberg, Physical Plant, 18 years.
Terry O. Herndon, Lincoln, 39 years.
Jan Herrmann, Lincoln, 35 years.
Derek A. Hirst, Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences , 29 years.
Kenneth M. Hoffman, Mathematics, 40 years.
Mary Hogan, Laboratory for Nuclear Science, 16 years.
Richard V. Hogan, Lincoln, 38 years.
Peter Holland, Athletics Department, 27 years.
Walter M. Hollister, Aeronautics and Astronautics, 34 years.
David E. Holmes, Physical Plant, 25 years.
Albert H. Horst, Lincoln, 35 years.
David P. Hoult, Mechanical Engineering, 30 years.
David L. Hovey, Lincoln, 38 years.
Donald R. Howard, Physical Plant, 28 years.
James F. Howard, Lincoln, 43 years.
Andrew J. Howitt, Lincoln, 34 years.
Magdalena T. Hu, Development Research and Systems, 28 years.
Aase W. Huggins, Economics, 28 years.
Robert J. Hull, Lincoln, 27 years.
Thomas F. Humphrey, Center for Transportation Studies, 18 years.
Catherine C. Hunt, Economics, 11 years.
Albert H. Huntoon, Lincoln, 30 years.
Octavio Hurtado, Microsystems Technology Laboratories, 22 years.
Audrey B. Iarocci, Laboratory for Nuclear Science, 14 years.
Frank S. Imbornone, Physical Plant, 13 years.
Anne V. Indorato, Lincoln, 18 years.
Philip A. Ingwersen, Jr., Lincoln, 34 years.
Robert L. Irelan, Lincoln, 15 years.
Gerald W. Iseler, Lincoln, 30 years.
Frances E. Jack, Lincoln, 16 years.
Ali Javan, Physics, 35 years.
Peter B. Jenney, Medical Department, 28 years.
John J. Jesulaitis, Lincoln, 41 years.
Alfred J. Johnson, Lincoln, 12 years.
David F. Johnson, Francis Bitter National Magnet Laboratory, 30 years.
Keith H. Johnson, Materials Science and Engineering, 29 years.
Sandra G. Johnson, Haystack Observatory, 12 years.
Willard R. Johnson, Political Science, 31 years.
Warren E. Jones, Lincoln, 15 years.
Michael L. Joroff, School of Architecture and Planning, 24 years.
Stanley J. Josoma, Jr., Lincoln, 33 years.
Carl M. Julian, Physical Plant, 23 years.
Trond Hans Kaalstad, Civil and Environmental Engineering, 27 years.
Merton Jerome Kahne, Clinical Research Center, 29 years.
Arthur Kaledin, History Section, 34 years.
Sheila M. Kalmes, Lincoln, 15 years.
Louis Kampf, Literature Section, 35 years.
Francis P. Kane, Campus Police, 15 years.
Patricia A. Kane, Alumni Association, 30 years.
Robert D. Kane, Campus Police, 16 years.
Arieh M. Karger, Lincoln, 13 years.
Jane H. Katayama, Lincoln, 31 years.
Helen Katz, Medical Department, 20 years.
Philomena Keane, Comptroller's Accounting Office, 17 years.
James F. Keefe, Graphic Arts, 36 years.
Paul L. Kelley, Lincoln laboratory, 37 years.
Philip J. Keohan, Vice President for Financial Operations, 45 years.
Luise Keohane, Housing and Food Services, 25 years.
Jack L. Kerrebrock, Aeronautics and Astronautics, 36 years.
Justin E. Kerwin, Ocean Engineering, 39 years.
Nelson Y-S Kiang, Hrvd-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology, 41 years.
Cornelius F. Kiely, MIT Press, 28 years.
Richard J. Kiely, Physical Plant, 21 years.
John G. King, Physics, 46 years.
Melvin H. King, Urban Studies and Planning, 25 years.
Carla Welch Kirmani-Taylor, Mathematics, 19 years.
Randall L. Knight, Lincoln, 22 years.
Joseph C. Koegler, Lincoln, 25 years.
Richard P. Kohut, Graphic Arts, 19 years.
Gladys H. Kokturk, Libraries, 30 years.
Vera M. Krantsberg, Biology, 19 years.
Lyman Krohn, Jr., Lincoln, 42 years.
Serge Kunica, Lincoln, 10 years.
Deborah H. Kunz, Urban Studies and Planning, 12 years.
Marilyn R. Kushmerek, Lincoln, 32 years.
Charles C. Ladd, Civil and Environmental Engineering, 41 years.
June M. Lambert, Biology, 28 years.
Harvey J. Lander, Plasma Fusion Center, 37 years.
Raymond J. Landry, Lincoln, 14 years.
Mary F. Lane, Sloan, 27 years.
Ann M. (Nancy) Langton, Comptroller's Accounting Office, 20 years.
Virginia R. Lauricella, Research Laboratory of Electronics, 28 years.
Joan F. LaValle, Graphic Arts, 30 years.
Naum Lazarou, Operations and Systems, 26 years.
Salvatore LeBone, Physical Plant, 18 years.
Robert M. Leard, Physical Plant, 32 years.
Jean M. Leboucher, Lincoln, 29 years.
John W. Leech, Industrial Liaison Program, 25 years.
Annie M. Lescard, Lincoln, 27 years.
Arthur H. Levasseur, Lincoln, 36 years.
Lorraine M. Levasseur, Physical Plant, 13 years.
Kenneth F. Le Vie, Credit Union, 34 years.
James I. Levine, Haystack Observatory, 30 years.
Jacob R. Lifsitz, Lincoln, 22 years.
Evelyn Lilienfeld, Foreign Languages and Literatures Section, 17 years.
Richard A. Limbursky, Lincoln, 11 years.
George A. Lincoln, Jr., Lincoln, 33 years.
Barbara J. Linden, Museum, 26 years.
Robert D. Logcher, Civil and Environmental Engineering, 38 years.
Hilda-Rose Lombard, MIT Press, 15 years.
Perry R. Longaker, Lincoln, 34 years.
Leonard J. Lopez, Lincoln, 25 years.
Joan Loria, Museum, 21 years.
Emory W. Lowe, Lincoln, 15 years.
Robert R. Ludwig, Lincoln, 32 years.
Eleanora M. Luongo, Research Laboratory of Electronics, 12 years.
John T. Lynch, Lincoln, 26 years.
Thomas A. Lynch, Property Office, 39 years.
Joseph L. Mabey, Lincoln, 36 years.
Irene Mac, Physical Plant, 11 years.
David R. MacDonald, Graphic Arts, 23 years.
Malcolm J. MacDonald, Lincoln, 38 years.
Louise M. MacEachern, Telecommunications Systems, 25 years.
Patricia A. MacEachern, Endicott House, 14 years.
Donald C. MacLellan, Lincoln, 39 years.
Richard Macrelli, Endicott House, 13 years.
Jerome E. Mader, Lincoln, 34 years.
Rodolfo M. Magararu, Operations and Systems, 30 years.
John H. Mahoney, Lincoln, 34 years.
Ronald L. Maille, Provost's Office - Millstone, 13 years.
Diane Major, Brain and Cognitive Sciences, 36 years.
Willem Van R. Malkus, Mathematics, 27 years.
Lois E. Malone, Political Science, 16 years.
James G. Manson, Medical Department, 33 years.
Francis K. Maragioglio, Physical Plant, 24 years.
Elizabeth H. Marshall, Chemical Engineering, 17 years.
Marie C. Marshall, Center for Cancer Research, 12 years.
Peter Marston, Plasma Fusion Center, 19 years.
James Martin, Housing and Food Services, 18 years.
Gary T. Marx, Urban Studies and Planning, 23 years.
Allan E. Mason, Lincoln, 37 years.
James W. Mason, Housing and Food Services, 22 years.
Koichi Masubuchi, Ocean Engineering, 28 years.
Robert F. Matson, Comptroller's Accounting Office, 27 years.
Marie Maykis, Physical Plant, 12 years.
Ronald A. McArdle, Lincoln, 12 years.
Thomas F. McAteer, Sloan, 30 years.
Francis A. McCarthy, Lincoln, 37 years.
Terence J. McCarthy, Physical Plant, 31 years.
John A. McCook, Lincoln, 13 years.
Kathleen M. McCue, Laboratory for Electromagnetic and Electronic Systems, 15 years.
James E. McCune, Aeronautics and Astronautics, 33 years.
David J. McCurley, Laboratory for Nuclear Science, 19 years.
William McDermott, Nuclear Reactor Laboratory, 36 years.
Constance K. McElwain, Lincoln, 41 years.
William L. McGilvary, Lincoln, 34 years.
Paul G. McHugh, Lincoln, 35 years.
Carol Ann McIntire, Economics, 14 years.
M. Denise McKenzie, Comptroller's Accounting Office, 15 years.
Robert B. McKersie, Sloan, 17 years.
Rita C. McKinnon, Research Laboratory of Electronics, 15 years.
Francis A. McLoughlin, Lincoln, 18 years.
Philip M. McMahon, Lincoln Fiscal Office, 44 years.
John T. McNeill, Housing and Food Services, 38 years.
Edward J. McNiff, Jr., Francis Bitter National Magnet Laboratory, 32 years.
Alan L. McWhorter, EECS, 43 years.
Pasquale E. Melaragno, Athletics Department, 19 years.
Janet G. Mello, Lincoln, 26 years.
Ivars Melngailis, Lincoln, 37 years.
Ronald I. Mendes, Physical Plant, 30 years.
Barbara B. Merrifield, Medical Department, 18 years.
Edward W. Merrill, Chemical Engineering, 52 years.
Travis R. Merritt, Undergraduate Education and Student Affairs , 32 years.
David Michael, Athletics Department, 33 years.
Elaine Miller, Medical Department, 26 years.
Howard F. Miller, Office of the Senior Vice President, 37 years.
Joanne Miller, Public Relations Services, 39 years.
Marvin M. Miller, Nuclear Engineering, 20 years.
Robert W. Miller, Lincoln, 20 years.
John Milne, Jr., Lincoln, 44 years.
Marvin L. Minsky, EECS, 40 years.
George Edward Mitchell, Office of Laboratory Supplies, 27 years.
D. Bruce Montgomery, Plasma Fusion Center, 37 years.
Frederic R. Morgenthaler, EECS, 37 years.
I. Larry Morris, Lincoln, 18 years.
Joseph R. Morris, Lincoln, 32 years.
Mary L. Morrissey, Public Relations Services, 45 years.
Robert C. Morrow, Chemical Engineering, 33 years.
Gerald B. Morse, Lincoln, 32 years.
Theresa E. Morton, Physical Plant, 16 years.
Jerry G. Moscaritolo, Plasma Fusion Center, 23 years.
Sara Mougamian, Telecommunications Systems, 10 years.
Robert W. Mountain, Lincoln, 28 years.
Eleonore Mullin, Admissions Office, 16 years.
Maria S. Muollo-Cabral, Office of the Summer Session, 34 years.
Daniel F. Murphy, Francis Bitter National Magnet Laboratory, 32 years.
Emmett Murphy, Libraries, 12 years.
Mary L. Murphy, Lincoln, 37 years.
R. Allen Murphy, Lincoln, 25 years.
Charles R. Murrell, Lincoln, 17 years.
Lawrence Naclerio, Endicott House, 10 years.
Wilfrid J. Nadeau, Lincoln, 12 years.
Eva M. Nagy, Political Science, 16 years.
William Najjar, Purchasing/Central Subcontracting Office, 10 years.
Sally J. Naumann, Lincoln, 10 years.
Lawrence J. Nee, Office of Laboratory Supplies, 40 years.
Sylvia Nelson-Elliott, Program in Science, Technology, and Society, 23 years.
Patricia A. Netishen, Lincoln, 36 years.
J. Nicholas Newman, Ocean Engineering, 29 years.
Francis C. O'Brien, Jr., Athletics Department, 28 years.
James W. O'Keefe, Laboratory for Nuclear Science, 38 years.
Lillian K. O'Malley, Urban Studies and Planning, 12 years.
Jeremiah F. O'Sullivan, Physical Plant, 15 years.
John D. O'Sullivan, Comptroller's Accounting Office, 32 years.
T. Francis Ogilvie, Ocean Engineering, 14 years.
John S. Oliver, Music and Theater Arts, 27 years.
Michael Olmstead, Plasma Fusion Center, 18 years.
Irwin Oppenheim, Chemistry, 35 years.
Louis S. Osborne, Physics, 48 years.
Bonifacio Pacheco, Office of Laboratory Supplies, 28 years.
Margarete H. Palazzi, Libraries, 32 years.
David A. Palmer, EECS, 39 years.
Josephine F. Palmer, Physical Plant, 30 years.
Seymour A. Papert, Media Arts and Sciences, 27 years.
Firooz Partovi, Sloan, 13 years.
Delbert E. Patton, Lincoln, 18 years.
Malcolm H. Pearson, Lincoln, 12 years.
John S. Peck, Purchasing and Stores, 36 years.
James H. Peers, Lincoln, 47 years.
Eileen F. Peirce, Lincoln, 22 years.
Lucie P. Pelletier, Haystack Observatory, 18 years.
Ronald J. Pelletier, Lincoln, 28 years.
Sheldon Penman, Biology, 35 years.
Edward A. Perkins, Jr., Physical Plant, 31 years.
Frank E. Perkins, Office of the Provost, 39 years.
Francis H. Perry, Lincoln, 40 years.
George J. Pesaturo, Jr., Physical Plant, 32 years.
William A. Petersen, Lincoln, 41 years.
Carl A. Peterson, Jr., Lincoln, 35 years.
Carl R. Peterson, Mechanical Engineering, 21 years.
Norton T. Pierce, Plasma Fusion Center, 24 years.
Aimee Pierson, Endicott House, 28 years.
Charles A. Pike, Physical Plant, 22 years.
Barbara A. Plenty, Telecommunications Systems, 24 years.
Virginia Pochetti, Lowell Institute, 48 years.
Charles J. Popp, Jr., Physical Plant, 13 years.
Ronald F. Probstein, Mechanical Engineering, 34 years.
Thomas J. Provost, Sr., Laboratory for Nuclear Science, 32 years.
Judith A. Quimby, Lincoln Fiscal Office, 38 years.
Michael J. Quinlan, Physical Plant, 15 years.
Anne Quinn, Telecommunications Systems, 12 years.
Jack I. Raffel, Lincoln, 44 years.
Joan T. Rago, Purchasing and Stores, 14 years.
Vernon A. Raine, Graphic Arts, 35 years.
David B. Ralston, History Section, 33 years.
Toivo R. Rannikko, Laboratory for Nuclear Science, 17 years.
George W. Rathjens, Political Science, 28 years.
Maria E. Re, Comptroller's Accounting Office, 34 years.
Alfred Reich, Lincoln, 21 years.
Daniel A. Reisner, Sr., Plasma Fusion Center, 12 years.
Eugene J. Reposa, Physical Plant, 9 years.
John Resmini, Endicott House, 23 years.
Gilbert S. Rezendes, Jr., Lincoln, 25 years.
Anna M. Rich, Physical Plant, 21 years.
William W. Rich, Physical Plant, 21 years.
Sharon L. Richardson, Admissions Office, 26 years.
Walter E. Robar, Lincoln, 35 years.
Phillips W. Robbins, Biology, 36 years.
Paul D. Robertson, Lincoln, 34 years.
Myra Rodrigues, Medical Department, 25 years.
Cordula M. Roman, Lincoln, 17 years.
Eugene W. Rork, Lincoln, 21 years.
Robert M. Rose, Lincoln, 10 years.
R. Alexander Ross, Lincoln, 22 years.
Gladys Roth-Freedman, Biology, 10 years.
Barry M. Rowe, Vice President for Financial Operations, 29 years.
Anne L. Rubin, Laboratory for Computer Science, 44 years.
Arthur P. Rudolph, Jr., Civil and Environmental Engineering, 45 years.
Jack Ruina, EECS, 33 years.
Joseph A. Saccoccio, Physical Plant, 31 years.
Joanna L. Safina, Physical Plant, 22 years.
Robert J. Saliga, Lincoln, 44 years.
Ronald G. Sandholm, Lincoln, 40 years.
W. Wade Sapp, Jr., Laboratory for Nuclear Science, 18 years.
David R. Sargent, Lincoln, 12 years.
Adel F. Sarofim, Chemical Engineering, 39 years.
Aida R. Sayegh, Libraries, 27 years.
Beverly T. Scarlett, Medical Department, 13 years.
Pasquale M. Schena, Lincoln, 30 years.
Ralph J. Scholl, Graphic Arts, 42 years.
C. Edward Schwartz, Lincoln, 24 years.
Charlotte Green Schwartz, Medical Department, 28 years.
Judah L. Schwartz, School of Engineering, 29 years.
Mark E. Schwarz, Jr., Lincoln, 35 years.
Jacqueline A. Sciacca, Dean of the Graduate School Office , 35 years.
Marjorie E. Sciulli, Comptroller's Accounting Office, 22 years.
Marceline D. Sealy, Physical Plant, 26 years.
Warren A. Seamans, Museum, 32 years.
John C. Sears, Comptroller's Accounting Office, 40 years.
Natalie M. Sears, Credit Union, 24 years.
George M. Sechen, Laboratory for Nuclear Science, 40 years.
Vincent J. Sferrino, Lincoln, 44 years.
John J. Shea, Jr., Physical Plant, 38 years.
Patricia L. Shearman, Physical Plant, 16 years.
Gerard F. Sheehan, Physical Plant, 24 years.
Ramona D. Shepard, Admissions Office, 40 years.
Thomas B. Sheridan, Mechanical Engineering, 42 years.
Margaret D. Shield, Lincoln, 11 years.
William M. Siebert, EECS, 44 years.
John F. Siemasko, Lincoln, 41 years.
Amilcar Silva, Physical Plant, 14 years.
Patricia A. Silva, Comptroller's Accounting Office, 17 years.
Paul K. Simmons, Lincoln, 35 years.
James A. Simms, Chemistry, 31 years.
Julian T. Simms, Lincoln, 13 years.
Robert W. Simpson, Aeronautics and Astronautics, 36 years.
Eugene B. Skolnikoff, Political Science, 46 years.
Chester E. Small, Lincoln, 23 years.
Annette C. Smith, Telecommunications Systems, 11 years.
Avis L. Smith, Lincoln, 21 years.
George L. Smith, Lincoln, 14 years.
Norval P. Smith, Lincoln, 31 years.
Thomas M. Smith, Lincoln, 23 years.
Marie L. Southwick, Sloan, 18 years.
Augustine J. Souza, Jr., Lincoln, 43 years.
Theresa Speaks, Alumni Association, 26 years.
Arthur S. St. Andre, Medical Department, 22 years.
Ronald F. St. Jean, Laboratory for Nuclear Science, 29 years.
Brooke Stevens, MIT Press, 26 years.
Melvin L. Stone, Lincoln, 45 years.
Nagel F. Stone, Jr., Laboratory for Nuclear Science, 30 years.
Phyllis C. Stone, Lincoln, 26 years.
William H. Stotz, Lincoln, 35 years.
Phyllis Straccamoro, Physical Plant, 11 years.
Reese W. Straw, Lincoln, 33 years.
Ana D. Suarez, Housing and Food Services, 21 years.
Anthony J. Sulfaro, Physical Plant, 10 years.
James D. Sullivan, Plasma Fusion Center, 22 years.
Marie E. Sullivan, Comptroller's Accounting Office, 10 years.
Richard F. Sullivan, Lincoln, 39 years.
Albert T. Supple, Jr., Aeronautics and Astronautics, 34 years.
Orlando Suva-Martin, Libraries, 26 years.
James L. Swedberg, Lincoln, 20 years.
Lawrence W. Swezey, Lincoln, 37 years.
Frank J. Tambini, Jr., Plasma Fusion Center, 30 years.
Peter C. Tappan, Center for Space Research, 25 years.
Olindo Tassy, Lincoln, 28 years.
Irene Tayler, Literature Section, 20 years.
Michael J. Teahan, Physical Plant, 14 years.
Rein Teoste, Lincoln, 36 years.
Richard J. Thellen, Lincoln, 24 years.
Doris M. Theobald, Lincoln, 22 years.
Yvonne E. Theriault, Lincoln, 40 years.
Donald O. Thomas, Lincoln, 31 years.
David S. Thompson, Housing and Food Services, 14 years.
Donald D. Thompson, Lincoln, 30 years.
Richard D. Thornton, EECS, 45 years.
Kenneth M. Tibbetts, Lincoln, 30 years.
Albert F. Tidd, Lincoln, 35 years.
Joseph Tierney, Lincoln, 35 years.
Kathleen R. Torname, Admissions Office, 12 years.
Samuel G. Tracey, Physical Plant, 27 years.
James S. Travers, Lincoln, 35 years.
Gerasimos N. Tsandoulas, Lincoln, 28 years.
Kosta Tsipis, Office of the Provost, 30 years.
Nancy B. Tucker, Francis Bitter National Magnet Laboratory, 26 years.
Diane R. Valcourt, Lincoln, 39 years.
Gerald L. Valcourt, Lincoln, 34 years.
Maria Clara Valenzuela, Industrial Liaison Program, 22 years.
Helen Vangel, Graphic Arts, 5 years.
Joseph Vella, Physical Plant, 15 years.
Roberto Venturi, Lincoln, 23 years.
Irene M. Vermillion, Comptroller's Accounting Office, 11 years.
Melvin R. Vestal, Francis Bitter National Magnet Laboratory, 23 years.
Albert Vezza, Laboratory for Computer Science, 32 years.
Annette R. Virga, Office of Sponsored Programs, 17 years.
Frederick W. Vote, Lincoln, 23 years.
Harold Y. Wachman, Aeronautics and Astronautics, 34 years.
Philip Waldron, Lincoln, 44 years.
Marian Walke, Division of Comparative Medicine, 14 years.
John H. Wallin, Lincoln, 27 years.
Ellenor J. Ward, Graphic Arts, 12 years.
Marion D. Wasserman, Clinical Research Center, 22 years.
Thelma M. Watkins, Biology, 21 years.
Kim M. M. Watson, Industrial Liaison Program, 17 years.
John S. Waugh, Institute Professors, 43 years.
Robert K. Weatherall, Vice President for Administration, 40 years.
Robert Weber, Lincoln, 34 years.
Bruce D. Wedlock, Lowell Institute, 36 years.
Darryl E. Weidler, Lincoln, 23 years.
Charles Weiner, Program in Science, Technology, and Society, 22 years.
Myron Weiner, Political Science, 35 years.
Marcia C. West, Medical Department, 24 years.
Robert H. Westcott, Lincoln, 16 years.
Robert Whalen, Haystack Observatory, 37 years.
George H. Wheaton, Lincoln, 37 years.
Iris G. Wheaton, Lincoln, 12 years.
Douglas W. Whitcomb, Lincoln, 38 years.
Robert A. White, Physical Plant, 31 years.
David S. Wiley, Vice President for Administration, 24 years.
Bruce K. Willard, Lincoln, 38 years.
Frank M. Williams, Physical Plant, 30 years.
John E. C. Williams, Francis Bitter National Magnet Laboratory, 24 years.
Mavis Williams, Physical Plant, 10 years.
Donald K. Willim, Lincoln, 30 years.
Kerry B. Wilson, Personnel Office, 33 years.
Kenneth R. Wisentaner, Housing and Food Services, 29 years.
Gerald N. Wogan, Division of Toxicology, 35 years.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on September 25, 1996.

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