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Events, directory for retirees being readied

PHOTO CAPTION: Nobel laureate Phillip Sharp, head of the Department of Biology, is flanked by several recent retirees from that department who collectively represent 109 years of service to MIT. Left to right: Lab aide Josie Calareso, 83, who has been at MIT for 39 years and is MIT's oldest retiree for 1996; Professor Sharp; financial officer Joanne Barrett; and lab aides Ruth Cummiskey, Beverly Hardy and June Lambert. Not pictured is Vera Krantsberg, another retiring lab aide who was unable to attend last month's party. "I made this my home," Ms. Calareso said of MIT, adding with a laugh, "I think there were only about two professors [in biology] when I first came here."

The Quarter Century Club's annual summer picnic will be held Tuesday, August 13, begining at 4:30pm in the Johnson Athletics Center. The occasion will be the first general gathering attended by new members who were inducted in March. Invitations have already been sent out; members are reminded to notify the QCC office in Rm 20A-023 (x3-7914) of any address changes.

Planning is well underway for the 1996 Retirement Dinner now scheduled for Monday, September 16 in the Johnson Athletics Center. Invitations will be issued next month. The dinner, hosted by President and Mrs. Charles M. Vest and the Quarter Century Club, was postponed from its usual June date because of special arrangements needed for the large number of people to be honored this year.

Retirees who recently received the mailing for a retirees' directory and interest survey are reminded to return the appropriate questionnaires as soon as possible.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on July 24, 1996.

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