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Physical education lottery begins

Anyone wishing to enroll in the electronic lottery for first-quarter
physical education classes may do so until noon on Wednesday, Sept. 4.

For instructions, type "add pelott" and then "peinfo" from any
Athena workstation or from any dialup or telnet connection to Athena.
Non-Athena users may enter the lottery with the assistance of the PE
Office in Rm W32-125.

This year, e-mail notification of assignments is being eliminated.
Once the lottery period is over, participants can run the same program
they used to make their selections in the first place to see their
assignment on the screen. This removes the chance of something going
wrong during the process of sending out all the e-mail messages and also
provides faster notification to students.

Results of the lottery will be available to participants by
midnight on September 4 by using the "add pelott" and "xphedu &"
commands ("phedu" from dialup). Late registration, based on
availability, will begin Friday, Sept. 6 in the PE Office. Classes begin
Monday, Sept. 9.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on August 28, 1996.

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