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Phi Beta Kappa elects 50

Forty-six seniors and four juniors were elected to MIT's Xi Chapter of
Phi Beta Kappa. The initiation ceremony will be held Thursday, June 6,
and is open to all Phi Beta Kappa members at MIT, wherever initiated.
The new members divided by field are:

Architecture--Matthew G. Gorbet of Toronto, Ont.

Biology--Rodney K. Chan of Vancouver, BC, Steven A. Gunzler of
River Vale of NJ, Shirley Y. Huang of Toledo, OH, Patricia P. Kao
of Lincoln, MA, Eric W. Lo of Maspeth, NY, Kazuhiro Ninomiya of
Cambridge, Maromi K. Sakurai of State College, PA, Mary S. Saleeb
of New Rochelle, NY, Arnold H. Seto of Winnetka, CA, Stanley I.
Shyn of Encino, CA, Kenneth S. Song of Rochester Hills, MI, and
Michelle S. Sonu of Seoul, South Korea.

Biology and Humanities--Grace M. Cheng of Rockville, MD, Michael Cho
of San Dimas, CA, and Shane P.B. Crotty of California, MD.

Chemical Engineering--Nameeta M. Dookeran of Curepe, Trinidad and
Tobago, Celia Huey of Jamaica, NY, Katherine M. Notter of
Wenatchee, WA, and Jessica R. Oleson of Auburn, MA.

Chemical Engineering and Biology--Ashish R. Patel of Burlington, MA.

Chemistry--Juanita N. Wickham of Madras, OR.

Chemistry and Chemical Engineering--Hong Zhong of Shanghai, China.

Economics--Rodrigo P. Galvao of Rio de Janiero, Brazil, Robin D.
Kessel of Boston, Benjamin S. Levin of Encino, CA, and Hsi-Hung
Yeh of Covina, CA.

Economics and Mathematics--Edward A. Miguel of Tenafly, NJ.

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science--Nancy H. Chan of Bruno,
Que., Pablo L. Narvaez-Guarnieri of Tangier, Morocco, Mario A.M.
Yearwood of Saint Philip, Barbados, and Marlon E.D.R. Abayan of
Quezon City, Philippines.

EECS and Physics--Mehul A. Shah of Gaithersburg, MD.

Mathematics--Sharon J. Hollander of Cedarhurst, NY, Sergey M. Ioffe
of Racine, WI, Thomas A. Weston of State College, PA, and Ying Yang
of Elmhurst, NY.

Mathematics and Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences--Dawn M.
Chamberlain of South Burlington, VT.

Mathematics and Humanities--Ivana Komarcevic of Belgrade, Yugoslavia.

Mechanical Engineering--Andre B. Brandao of Sao Paulo, Brazil, and
Torben C. Thurow of Lincoln, MA.

Physics--Douglas R. Abrams of Silver Spring, MD, Linda M.
Rosenband of Gottingen, Germany, and Yun S. Song of Dix Hills, NY.

Physics and Mathematics--Ryan B. Caveney of Short Hills, NJ, Victor
Chudnovsky of Gaithersburg, MD, and Eugene Shuster of Solon, OH.

Physics and EECS--Marin Soljacic of Zagreb, Croatia, and Tairan Wang
of Corona, NY.

Political Science--Edward M. Grauman of Rockville, MD.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on June 5, 1996.

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