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640 opt for retirement incentive

The number of people who have chosen to accept the early retirement incentive program has risen to 640, a figure unlikely to change very much before late June, when the final count will be clear.

Joan F. Rice, vice president for human resources, said MIT was pleased to make the opportunity available and that so many people found it an attractive offer.

The numbers show that the campus will lose 425 people, 78 of them faculty. At Lincoln Laboratory, 215 will leave.

Ms. Rice announced last week that, by agreement with the Executive Committee of the Corporation and in conjunction with reengineering, no more than 50 percent of the administrative, support and service staff members who choose early retirement will be replaced.

The 425 campus departures consist of: 78 faculty, 98 administrative staff, 36 sponsored research staff, 90 support staff, 94 service staff, 12 medical staff, and 17 other academic staff.

At Lincoln the numbers are: no faculty, 26 administrative staff, 118 sponsored research staff, 23 support staff, and 48 service staff.

The combined totals are: 78 faculty, 209 administrative staff, 69 research staff, 113 support staff, 142 service staff, 12 medical staff, and 17 other academic staff.

May 9 was the last day for changing a decision and 16 people did, the Benefits Office said, resulting in the figures listed above.

There were 1,386 employees eligible for early retirement, 294 of them faculty members.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on May 15, 1996.

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