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LIS recognizes last set of graduates

At its 91st and last graduation exercises at MIT, the Lowell Institute School recently awarded 777 course certificates, including 87 to 94 MIT employees.

Twenty-nine students completed the eight-course certificate programs: eight in Electronics Technology, five in Engineering Drawing and sixteen in Computer Technology. Total registration for the year was 1,024, of whom 112 were MIT employees and 236 were women. During 1995-96, LIS offered courses in the fields of analog and digital electronics, microprocessors, applied math, calculus, designing and building a PC, engineering drawing, dimensioning and tolerancing, DOS 6.2, AutoCAD, desktop design with Quark XPress, CorelDRAW, Page-Maker, computer literacy, computer networking, and programming in BASIC, C, UNIX and X Window.

There were two featured speakers: Dr. Bruce D. Wedlock, who has been director of the Lowell Institute School since 1973, and Dr. Charles Finn, the new director of LIS at Northeastern University (MIT PhD in chemical metallurgy, 1971). Dr. Wedlock reviewed the growth and success of the School during his tenure, with 17,215 certificates awarded over 23 years, while Dr. Finn spoke about the future of LIS at NU.

John Lowell, trustee of the Lowell Institute, presented the certificates at the graduation dinner at the MIT Faculty Club, assisted by Ernest Vincent, who has taught at LIS for 22 years and is its most senior instructor.

The graduation ceremonies were held in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Alumni Association of LIS. The alumni presented Dr. Wedlock with the Charles Francis Park Gold Medal in recognition of the outstanding leadership he has provided to Lowell School. This medal is named after Professor Park of mechanical engineering, who became the first director of LIS in 1903. John Lowell was also presented with the Charles Francis Park Gold Medal in appreciation of his financial support and abiding interest in the activities of LIS.

Certificate recipients from MIT and Lincoln Lab were:

Douglas Alan, Center for Space Research (CSR); John Charles Augliera, Center for Cancer Research; Lucy A. Barrera, Housing; Michael Peter Batchelder, Energy and Environmental Policy; Alla Aleksandrovna Batishcheva, Plasma Fusion Center (PFC); Jerrold Edward Baum, Lincoln Lab; Marc Edward Bejarano, Media Lab; John Bostwick Bidwell, Facilities Mangement Systems; Richard Bjorkman, LIS; Thomas Bennet Bolton, Alumni Association; Gerald Anthony Bolton Jr., Nuclear Reactor Laboratory (NRL); William Bradley Bumpus, Comptroller's Accounting Office (CAO); Brian Charles Burns, Lincoln.

William F. Colbert, Lincoln; Thomas Francis Connolly, Physical Plant; Sukanya V. Date, Clinical Research Center; Paul Lawrence Dozois, Nuclear Science Machine Shop; Patrick Dreher, Laboratory for Nuclear Science (LNS); Jacqueline A. Dulmaine, Laboratory for Computer Science; Stefan Mark Engler, MIT Press; Lucille D. Fernandes, CAO; John Edwin Foley, Medical; Heather Lynn Gordon, Biology.

Stephen M. Haberek, LNS; Howard D. Harrison, Physical Plant; Curtis W. Heisey, Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences (EAPS); Mariano P. Hellwig, CSR; Nancy A. Heywood, Libraries; Anh Viet Ho, Media Lab; Annette S. Horne-Williams, Architecture; John Francis Hughes, CSR; Patrick J. Johnson, Lincoln; Alice Kalemkiarian, Medical; Michael H. Kogan, LNS; Thomas James Lane, Distributed Computing and Network Services; James Michael Letendre, Aeronautics and Astronautics.

Myron E. MacInnis, CSR; John F. Maglio, Sloan School of Management; Chris Meehan, CAO; Karen Hein Modrak, Media Lab; Cybel Anne Monson, Admissions Office; Alison Carmen Morgan, Physics; Andres Manuel Perez, Lincoln; Andrew Thomas Pfeiffer, PFC; Samuel Z. Pierson, Plasma Fusion Center; Tomas Revesz, Media Lab; James D. Russell, Personnel Office.

John Saylor, Libraries; Carroll Edward Schwartz, Lincoln; James George Serdy, Laboratory for Manufacturing and Productivity; Matthew Joseph Smith, CSR; Michael A. Smith, Physical Plant; Diana Lees Spiegel, EAPS; Clare Elaine Stanley, CAO; Christian Ray Storm, Lincoln; Jean Sucharewicz, Ocean Engineering; Dung Mai Vu, Clinical Research Center; Bruce Daniels Wedlock, LIS; Gary Albert Weston, Computing Support Services; Leonard Claiborne Youens, Lincoln (retired).

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on July 24, 1996.

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