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Incentive deadline is next week

The Benefits Office reminds employees eligible for the Special Retirement Incentive Program that the deadline for electing the program is April 30, 1996, at midnight.

Anyone who wants to elect the incentive must call the MIT RetireLine at (800) 250-2859 by this time. If you accept the incentive, you have nine days from the date you call to change your election. When you call the MIT RetireLine, remember to wait for your election to be saved before hanging up.

Retirement counselors are available in the Special Retirement Program Office on Campus and at Lincoln Laboratory to assist you in understanding the Special Retirement Incentive and to help you make your election on the MIT RetireLine. You can reach the Special Retirement Program Office on Campus by calling x8-7777 or at Lincoln Laboratory by calling 981-2717.

Even those who are planning not to accept the incentive are asked to register their choice in order for the Benefits staff and others to have a reasonably accurate total count.

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