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511 freshmen get early admission

MIT has accepted 511 freshmen under its early admission program, down by 46 (4 percent) compared to the 557 accepted last year, the Admissions Office has reported.

Applications for early admission, however, grew by 82 to 1,751 this year compared to 1,669 in 1995. Thus, 29 percent of early applicants were admitted this year, compared to 33 percent in 1995.

According to the Admissions Office, MIT is aiming for a class of 1,080 freshmen. Those admitted early are not committed to attending MIT.

As of the first Friday in February, the total applicant pool was 7,835, running slightly behind the 7,854 applications at that time last year. The final number of applicants in 1995 was 7,958. The deadline for applications this year was January 1, but not all have been recorded.

Of the early admitted applicants, the Admissions Office reported, 312 were men and 199 were women, a decline, respectively, of 34 and 12 from 1995. The proportion of women accepted rose one percentage point to 39 percent.

The number of underrepresented minorities accepted for early admission declined by one from 1995, from 61 to 60, but their proportion increased from 11 percent to 12 percent.

African Americans accepted were down seven, from 30 to 23; Mexican Americans were up two, from 19 to 21; Native Americans increased by three, from five to eight; and Puerto Ricans were up one, from seven to eight.

The number of accepted applicants who were class valedictorians rose from 38 percent in 1995 to 44 percent this year. Those who were in the top five percent of their high school class declined from 90 percent to 89 percent.

The SAT scores, which have been "recentered" to reflect the current distribution of scores and to reestablish 500 as the mean on both scales, were higher among early admitted applicants in both the verbal and math categories. The verbal mean was 722, up 65 from 657 last year (the comparable 1995 score if recentering had taken place would have been 717), and the math mean was 764 compared to 756 last year (comparable to 766 if recentering had occurred).

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