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1996 MIT Facts booklet now available

In 1995-96 MIT students came from all 50 states, the District of
Columbia and three territories. One hundred and four foreign countries
are represented, with an international student population of 340
undergraduages (8 percent) and 1,798 graduate students (33 percent).

This is some of the information included in "MIT Facts 1996," the
pocket-sized portrait of MIT published by the Office of Communications
and Donor Relations in Resource Development. The booklet, with a cover
featuring the scientific photography of Felice Frankel, is available to
offices in the community who would find it useful.

For a copy, send an e-mail request to <> or stop by Rm
4-24l (no phone calls, please).

For offices that want multiple copies, the first 50 copies per office
are free. After that they are 50 cents each. Offices ordering more than
50 copies are asked to send along an X journal voucher, crediting
account #16455-and debiting their account(s)-to Lisa Desautels, Rm 4-

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