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IS caution--wait on Windows

If you're rushing out to get Windows 95 for your MIT computer, MIT Information Systems (IS) advises: wait.

Until the IS staff completes testing and training on Windows 95, only partial support will be offered, with full support expected to be in place over the next few months.

Windows 95, Microsoft Corp.'s new 32-bit operating system, contains major changes and developments that may affect compatibility with existing software and hardware. New operating systems of this scale can take more than a year to stabilize and if you choose to upgrade at this time, some of your applications may not work. IS is in the process of checking Windows 95 for compatibility with MIT-supported applications.

Check the MIT Windows 95 Web page for updated information about support, hardware requirements, software compatibility and access to other sources of information on the Internet. The URL is .

If you have questions about compatibility of software applications and Windows 95, call the Microcomputing Help Line at x3-0001; for questions about networking, call the Network Help Desk at x3-4101.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on August 30, 1995.

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