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Mail Tip #3

(Tech Talk is presenting a series of suggestions devised by the reengineering Mail Team to help our large community make better use of the mails.)

Check the destination the next time you get ready to send express mail; you could save your department money. If the destination is within eastern Massachusetts, sending first-class mail by the US Postal Service will usually get it there overnight, the same as express mail.

Using express mail service -- either the US Postal Service or overnight delivery companies such as DHL and Federal Express -- can be very expensive. Even so, many MIT offices send express letters to downtown Boston and surrounding cities, all at unnecessary extra expense. The only time you should use express mail for local destinations is when you need to verify next-day receipt.

For questions or suggestions about making better use of the mails, contact the Mail Team at x3-7247, or .

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on January 25, 1995.

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