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Elements of mail redesign

Key Element: New Mail Services Dept.
Status: Manager started 3/1/95
Measure of Success: In existence 7/1/95

Key Element: New Central Mail Facility
Status: In design
Measure of Success: Operational 7/1/95

Key Element: New Distribution Model
Status: Pilot DMCs 5/1/95
Measures of Success: 1/3 of DMCs by 7/1/95 (Distributed Mail Centers), all DMCs by 1/1/96, increased electronic communications

Key Element: Consolidate outbound mail
Status: Pilot 7/1/95
Measures of Success: Decreased equipment expense, $ savings on postage

Key Element: Reduce unwanted mail
Status: 7/1/95 campaign kickoff
Measure of Success: 50 percent reduction by 1998

Key Element: Improve addressing
Status: Negotiate with USPS 1996
Measure of Success: Most mail automatable

Key Element: Improve list management
Status: Coordinating design with IT
Measure of Success: On-line list maintenance

Key Element: Community Education
Status: Ongoing
Measure of Success: Improved efficiency

Contact: , x3-6000

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on May 1, 1995.

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