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106 receive certificates from LIS

At its 90th Graduation Exercises, the Lowell Institute School recently awarded 914 course certificates, including 145 to 106 MIT employees. Nineteen completed the eight-course Certificate Program: five in electronics technology, six in engineering drawing and eight students in computer technology. Total registration for the year was 1,120, of whom 180 were MIT employees and 232 were women, with 80 percent completing the course requirements.

Dr. Bruce D. Wedlock, director of the LIS, presented the certificates at a graduation dinner at the MIT Faculty Club. Assisting him was Kathleen Born, a Cambridge City Councilor, who was also the guest speaker. She is a practicing architect and earned her master's degree from MIT in 1977.

The graduation ceremonies were held in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Alumni Association of the Lowell School. This year George O. Hirsch, class of 1925, celebrated his 70th class reunion and was chosen as the honorary grand marshal of the LIS Alumni Association.

Recipients from MIT and Lincoln Laboratory were:

David J. Abrahamian, Physical Plant; William F. Ames, Aeronautics and Astronautics; John Charles Augliera Jr., Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology; Jeanne Partridge Benedict, Center for Advanced Engineering Study; Leonard Bordzol, Center for Space Research; Timothy B. Bowler, Lincoln Laboratory; David J. Broderick, Graphic Arts; Michael E. Brown, Lincoln Laboratory; Joan E. Bubluski, Energy Laboratory; William Bradley Bumpus, Comptroller's Accounting Office.

William G. Byford, Plasma Fusion Center; Jun-Ming Cai, Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology; Alfred Cangeme, Physical Plant; Renee A. Caso, AGA Khan Program; H. Robert Catalan, Lincoln Laboratory; Jianmei Che, Nuclear Reactor Laboratory; Timothy John Coffey, Lincoln Laboratory; William H. Comstock, Document Services; Ellen M. Corwin, Development Research and Systems; Susan Jean Dacier, Lincoln Laboratory.

Liesje Marie Damerjian, Medical; Andrew G. Diciaccio Jr., Plasma Fusion Center; Hans Dietrich, Libraries; Mary T. Donovan, Comptroller's Accounting Office; Keith Brian Doyle, Lincoln Laboratory; Viktor Dubrowski, Aeronautics and Astronautics; Carol A. Elder, Distributed Computing and Network Services; Ronald E. Ellis, Whitehead Institute; Margaret Eminian, retired; Stefan Mark Engler, MIT Press.

Jun Feng, Plasma Fusion Center; John F. Filippi, Physical Plant; Etienne John Fonteneau, Nuclear Reactor Laboratory; Emily F. Gallagher, Economics; Steven Robert Gilligan, Development Research and Systems; Ingrid Clair Gilmartin, Civil and Environmental Engineering; Paul Edward Glac, Personnel Office; Jason Michael Glanz, Brain and Cognitive Sciences; Peter John Goodwin, Francis Bitter National Magnet Laboratory; Suna Gulen, Comptroller's Accounting Office.

Marina Hauptman, Admissions Office; Mariano P. Hellwig, Center for Space Research; Jennifer Marie Howard, Materials Science and Engineering; John Francis Hughes, Center for Space Research; Jephte Jeanniton, Alumni Association; Donald J. Jones, Chemical Engineering; Sarir A. Khamsi, Lincoln Laboratory; Gregory A. Knight, Physical Plant; Michael Kogan, Laboratory for Nuclear Science; James Michael Letendre, Aeronautics and Astronautics.

Ruth Levitsky, Economics; Annie S. Liau, Medical; Lu Lin, Facilities Management Systems; Sunshine Lin, Administrative Systems Development; Ramila Farukovna Maystrovsky, Libraries; Beth Ann McCain, Energy Laboratory; Margaret M. McGrath, Purchasing and Stores; Diane Elaine McLaughlin, School of Architecture; David Steven McQueen, Lincoln Laboratory; Chris Meehan, Comptroller's Accounting Office.

Barry L. Millsap, Materials Processing Center; Cybel Anne Monson, Admissions Office; Alan Bruce Morrison, Graphic Arts; James R. Moser, Lincoln Laboratory; Scott E. Murray, Lincoln Laboratory; Christopher Joseph Naylor, Physics; Lawrence Walter O'Brien, Laboratory for Nuclear Science; Peter William O'Brien, Francis Bitter National Magnet Laboratory; Patricia Ann Orr, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; Anthony Joseph Pallotta, Physical Plant.

David A. Palmer, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; Kathy Marie Paquette, Comptroller's Accounting Office; Robert Frank Paquette, Francis Bitter National Magnet Laboratory; Steven Jeffrey Pavlon, Laboratory for Nuclear Science; Andrew T. Pfeiffer, Plasma Fusion Center; Mark J. Phelan, Administrative Systems Development; Samuel Zane Pierson, Plasma Fusion Center; Miro Plesko, Laboratory for Nuclear Science; James Matthew Ray, Physical Plant; Cornelia Robart, Center for International Studies.

Kenneth James Russo, Lincoln Laboratory; John Saylor, Libraries; Kara Lee Schneiderman, MIT Museum; Michael Scott Sherman, Physical Plant; Stuart R. Sherman, Haystack Observatory; Kazimierz M. Shuman, Operations and Systems; Margaret Therese Smyth, Brain and Cognitive Sciences; Diana Lees Spiegel, Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences; Clare Elaine Stanley, Comptroller's Accounting Office; Michael Merle Steeves, Plasma Fusion Center.

Vladimir Jan Stejskal, Francis Bitter National Magnet Laboratory; David Paul Tartaglia, Comptroller's Accounting Office; Mary E. Terrelonge, Libraries; Edward Adam Thibeault, Plasma Fusion Center; Eliza Vasile, Biology; John K. Warger, Lincoln Laboratory; Bruce Daniels Wedlock, Lowell Institute School; Carlton Leon Weeks, Distributed Computing and Network Services; Edward Donald Weiner, Aeronautics and Astronautics; Thomas Joseph White Jr., Physics.

Kenneth Moody Wilson, Haystack Observatory; Yinlin Xie, Materials Science and Engineering; Zhishan Amanda Xu, Libraries; Elliott W. Yama, Architecture; Nancy Elisabeth Young, Media Lab.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on August 16, 1995.

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