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Health plans are extended

Effective September 1, MIT students and affiliates can enroll same-gender "spousal-equivalents" and dependents of "spousal-equivalents" under the MIT Student Health Program and the MIT Affiliate Health Program. The benefits will be the same as those provided under family contracts for the spouses and dependents of MIT students and affiliates.

The new eligibility rules apply to both parts of the MIT Student and Affiliate Health Programs: the Spouse/Child Health Service fee which covers most services at MIT Medical, and the MIT Student/Affiliate Blue Cross Blue Shield Hospital Insurance.

The enrollment deadline for the fall semester is Saturday, Sept. 30.

For more information on eligibility criteria, cost and enrollment procedures, visit or call the MIT Student and Affiliate Health Program Office, Rm E23-308, x3-4371.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on September 13, 1995.

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