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Freshmen speculate about life at MIT

As freshmen arrived on campus on August 24, Tech Talk assistant editor Alice Waugh asked some of them what they expected their MIT experience to be like. Their answers follow:

Genya and Mila Zemlyakova (18)Home town: MoscowCareer plans: biomedical engineeringGenya: "I think it's going to be tough. but this was our first choice."Mila: "We have a lot of friends here. They love MIT and I hope we'll love it, too."

Rielyn Sarabia (18)Home town: San Diego, CACareer plans: computer science"I'm from the West Coast so it'll be an adjustment. I think classes will be really challenging and a lot harder than high school, even with AP classes. Right how I'm just looking forward to finding a dorm."

Kyle Ingols (18)Home town: Conneautville, PACareer plans: computer science"My Dad read a magazine article quoting MIT students as saying `it's hell, but we like it,' so that's sort of what I'm expecting."

Manju Madhavan (17)Home town: Pittsburgh, PACareer plans: medicine"It'll be fun-a lot of hard work, a big change from high school, more responsibility, more freedom to investigate what you think is interesting, better facilities. all around, a better experience."

Dan McGuire (18)Home town: Atlanta, GACareer plans: electrical engineering"It strikes me as so big. I'm going to have all the opportunities that come with having a lot of bright people around. There'll be a period of adjustment, but it should be fun-I'm looking forward to it."

Debra Whitbourne (18)Home town: Coral Springs, FLCareer plans: mechanical/biomedical engineering"I think it's going to be challenging but also a great opportunity because where I'm from, people have the same culture and lifestyle. I'll be open to new people and ideas."

Kuo-Hsiung Wong (18)Home town: St. Louis, MOCareer plans: electrical engineering"It's going to be different, a new experience, the next step of my life. I was a little bit nervous, but the fact that [freshman] classes are pass/fail is a little calming. I'm just hoping to learn, have fun and avoid talking to strange people from newspapers."

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on August 30, 1995.

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