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Fitzgerald to head realigned service

Gayle M. Fitzgerald, manager of the former Conference Services Office since 1981, has been named director of the newly created Conference Services, Events and Information Center.

She has also been appointed executive officer for Commencement and will work with the Faculty Committee on Commencement, coordinating the many details involved in the biggest event in the MIT year.

In many of her responsibilities, Ms. Fitzgerald, a member of the MIT community since 1978, succeeds Mary L. Morrissey, who retired in the fall after 45 years at MIT.

Ms. Fitzgerald's appointment and the announcement of the new alignment joining Conference Services, Events and the Information Center in a single entity were made by Kathryn A. Willmore, director of Public Relations Services. Ms. Willmore is also secretary of the MIT Corporation.

Also announced was the appointment of Cathi Di Iulio as conference coordinator. Ms. Di Iulio will work with Marie Seamon, a conference coordinator in the office since 1986 and a member of the MIT community since 1969. Together, under Ms. Fitzgerald's direction, they will manage day-to-day logistics for the many conferences held at MIT. Supporting them as senior staff assistant for conference matters will be Tara Osborn, who has recently joined MIT.

Three veteran members of the MIT community will continue their involvement with the new center.

Donald Ferland, who joined MIT in 1978, will continue as administrative assistant to Ms. Fitzgerald, focusing primarily on commencement-related activities. He held a similar position with Ms. Morrissey. Mr. Ferland has taken on new responsibilities as well, handling the logistics management for the presentations made by companies seeking to employ graduating MIT students. In this role, he will interact with the Office of Career Services and Pre-Professional Advising.

Kathleen M. Barrett, staff associate in the Information Center, will continue to focus on the information needs of the community, campus visitors and the wider public. Ms. Barrett has been at MIT and with the Information Center since 1963.

Terri Priest, also staff associate in the Information Center, will continue to manage the Institute tours and the short-term international visitor program which brings many foreign dignitaries and delegations to the campus. She has been at MIT and with the Information Center since 1970.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on December 6, 1995.

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