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34 honored at EECS ceremony

Thirty-two students and two alumni have been honored in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. The awards ceremony was held during a departmental party in May at the Museum of Science.

The Carlton E. Tucker Teaching Award for Excellence was presented to John Ofori-Tenkorang, a graduate student from Ghana, who also was promoted to the rank of Instructor G.

Babak Ayazifar, a graduate student from Cambridge, received the Harold L. Hazen Teaching Award for Excellence.

Two graduate students, Yonald Chery of New York City and Kent H. Lundberg of Weston, MA, shared the Frederick C. Hennie Teaching Award for Excellence.

Promotion to Instructor G was also awarded to David R. Shoemaker, a graduate student from Killeen, TX.

Two recent alumni, Paul Williamson '93 of Yorktown Heights, NY, and Donald Baltus '94 of Waltham, MA, received the George M. Sprowls Scholarship Award recognizing the best PhD theses.

Two students shared the Northern Telecom/BNR Project Award for the best 6.111 laboratory project for spring 1994: Trey E. Ideker, a senior from Cambridge, and Jeffrey J. Foley, a senior from Scherenville, IN. For the fall 1994 term, the winners were Joel L. Dawson, a junior from Woodbridge, VA; Jean-Emile Elien, a junior from Queens, NY, and Scott D. MacGregor, a junior from Plano, TX.

Four graduate students were winners of the Morris Joseph Levin Award for Best Masterworks Oral Thesis Presentation for spring 1995: Kevin A. Lew of South Pasadena, CA, Rohit Sakhuja of Lexington, MA, Brian M. Scassellati of Bethelem, PA, and Susan E. Voss of Somerville, MA. Five were selected as 1994 fall term recipients: Kavita B. Bala of Bombay, India, John P. Mellor of Cambridge, Akbar A. Moolji of Cambridge, Aaron M. Schultz of Karachi, Pakistan, and Benjamin Van Roy of Bangkok, Thailand.

The George C. Newton Award for the Best Undergraduate Laboratory Prize was shared by William B. Baker, a senior from Champaign, IL; Adam R. Holt, a senior from Toronto and John L. Wallberg, a junior from Thief River Falls, MN.

Alexandra Ellwood, a junior from Berkeley, CA, received the David A. Chanen Writing Award.

Massimiliano A. Poletto, a graduate student from Italy, won the Charles and Jennifer Johnson Award.

Matthew W. Eldridge, a graduate student from Irving, TX, received the William A. Martin Memorial Award.

The David Adler Memorial Award was presented to Seok-won Abraham Kim, a graduate student from Kennesaw, GA.

Ernst A. Guillemin Thesis Awards were given to Christoforos N. Hadjicostis, a graduate student from Cyprus; Satyen N. Shah, a graduate student from Brookline, MA, and Jonathan M. Walton, a graduate student from Scottsdale, AZ.

Pablo L. Narvaez Guarnieri, a junior from Tangier, Morocco, received the Robert M. Fano UROP Award.

Two seniors, Jocelyn T. Nee of Ridgecrest, CA, and Howard W. Pan of Taipei, Taiwan, shared the Arnold L. Nylander Award for the Best Advanced Undergraduate Project.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on June 7, 1995.

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