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Police reward crime preventers

Six members of the MIT Crime Prevention Coordinators Group last week received Crime Prevention Recognition Awards from the Campus Police Department. Chief of Police Anne Glavin also presented an update on several crime reduction efforts around campus.

Presented with plaques were Marilyn Melithoniotes, assistant administrative officer in the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory; Laurel Simmons, facilities coordinator in the AI Lab, and Sharon Trohon, administrative officer in the Department of Ocean Engineering. The three were recognized for helping Campus Police investigate a rash of thefts from Buildings 5 and NE43.

Certificates were presented to Dennis Collins, house manager at Westgate, for helping to educate residents about crime prevention; Anne Tanguay, supervisor of circulation services for the Libraries and a Libraries Security Task Force member, for developing a security plan for the Libraries; and Debra Luchanin, academic administrator in the Division of Toxicology, for her work on a newsletter that includes information about crime prevention and safety programs such as SafeRide and SafeWalk.

Among the initiatives that the Campus Police have been working on, Chief Glavin reported, are call boxes with blue lights in the new tunnel under Ames Street from Building 68, and an "Enhanced 100" telephone system scheduled to be ready by fall. As with enhanced 911 systems in surrounding communities, this will allow the police dispatcher to see the location as well as the phone number from which campus emergency calls originate.

Security upgrades to parking areas are continuing as well. In the Albany Street garage, new lighting has been installed and stairwell windows have been enlarged to admit more natural light. In conjunction with Telecommunications, emergency phones with surveillance cameras are being installed on both ends of each floor. A gate access control system, which three other campus lots already have, is also planned. The improvements should be finished by June; next in line for an upgrade is West Garage, which has already been surveyed, Chief Glavin said.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on May 17, 1995.

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