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Chip thefts noted on campus

MIT has joined the growing list of places where computer memory chips have been stolen.

A recent Campus Police Bulletin reports that there have been five thefts on campus since January with an aggregate loss of some $50,000.

According to the announcement, thieves have entered both locked and unlocked rooms, opened computer cases, removed memory chips and replaced the cases. The computer users don't realize there has been a theft until the computer fails to start or has little memory space available.

The Special Services Division is investigating the thefts with respect to this problem in the Boston/Cambridge area. Meanwhile, the Crime Prevention Unit offers these tips:

��������������������������� Install a security enclosure device. Information is available from the Crime Prevention Unit, x3-9755, or the MIT Computer Connection, x3-7686.
��������������������������� Check the Information Systems Security Web page for advice on virus and data storage security.
��������������������������� Always leave your office, lab or dorm room secure.
��������������������������� Call the Campus Police, x3-1212, to report any suspicious activity.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on August 30, 1995.

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