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Cards to be required for entry into some buildings

If you haven't yet found the time to get your new MIT photo ID card, the following piece of information might be just the spur you need--especially if you use the T at Kendall Square.

Starting in December, a pilot card-access program, designed to increase security without unduly impeding foot traffic through buildings on major cross-campus routes, will be put into effect on the east part of campus after normal working hours.

The program will make use of magnetic cards--the new MIT photo ID card is a magnetic card--to control entry to a number of buildings in the east campus area. For community convenience, access by card entry will be permitted to first-floor areas in these buildings which are heavily used by people coming and going to the T at Kendall Square. After-hour access to upper floors in these buildings will be restricted to those with specific business in those areas.

Readers for magnetic cards will be placed at the Building E25/E23 atrium; the first floor of Building 66, near the 66/56 breezeway; the Building 56 breezeway doors, and the 50 Ames Street entrance to Building E19.

The plan also includes securing other exterior doors and interior upper-level doors in various areas of east campus.


Cards can be obtained at the Card Office, E32-200. Needed are your current MIT ID card and any photo identification, such as a driver's license.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on November 8, 1995.

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