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Awards and honors

John Rogers, a graduate student in chemistry, has received an honorable mention in the fifth annual BF Goodrich Collegiate Inventors Program. His work took a measurement method previously confined to the research laboratory and reduced it to a practical device suitable for routine materials testing and on-line process monitoring. Mr. Rogers developed a new method for nondestructive testing of thin film mechanical, thermal diffusion and adhesion properties, and he also found a way to reduce the 12-by-4-foot measurement apparatus to the size of a briefcase, thus also reducing its cost and complexity of operation. His invention could have widespread applications in the microelectronics, automotive, plastics, paint and protective coatings industries.

Jacob Seid, a junior in electrical engineering and computer science, is one of four MIT and Harvard applicants to win a Kawamura Fellowship, which pays all expenses for a month of travel in Japan during the month of July. The program is designed to promote cultural exchange and understanding between the United States and Japan.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on May 24, 1995.

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