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Thirteen win aero/astro accolades

Thirteen students were recognized at the annual senior dinner of the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics last month. Professor Paul A. Lagace, chairman of the undergraduate program, presided and Professor Earll M. Murman, head of the department, presented many of the awards.

The James Means Memorial Award for excellence in flight vehicle engineering was given to B. Matthew Knapp, a senior from Poulsboro, WA, and Keith S. Jackson, a senior from Cambridge, MA.

The James Means Memorial Award for excellence in space systems engineering was given to Adam P. London, a senior from Castle Rock, CO, and Scott N. Carpenter, a senior from La Porte, IN.

The Henry Webb Salisbury Award was given to Jonathan M. Protz, a senior from Panama City, FL, "for achieving academic excellence in the most expeditious manner in aeronautics and astronautics while pursuing a minor in economics."

The Andrew G. Morsa Memorial Award was given to David B. Rahn, a senior from Menlo Park, CA, "for demonstrating ingenuity and initiative in the application of computers to the field of aeronautics and astronautics."

The Unified Engineering Award was given to Homero L. Gutierrez, a graduate student from McAllen, TX, "for outstanding devotion to and leadership of the team of student assistants in Unified Engineering."

Two Aero and Astro Leaders for Manufacturing Undergraduate Prize were given to Sanith Hettithanthrige Wijesinghe, a special exchange student from Nedimala, Sri Lanka, and Russell W. Pottrill, also a special exchange student from Rayleigh, England. Both were cited "for outstanding achievement in design and testing of projects related to the interaction between manufacturing and engineering."

Bernard K. Asare, a sophomore from Accra, Ghana, is the recipient of the Yngve K. Raustein Award, "as the student in Unified Engineering who best exemplifies the spirit of the Norwegian Yngve Raustein, and for significant achievement in Unified Engineering."

The David J. Shapiro Memorial Award was given to Robin L. Smith, a senior from Fairhaven, MA, "for the best student-initiated international technical endeavor in aeronautics and astronautics." She was also the recipient of the James E. Cunningham Scholarship "for superior scholarship achievement and hard work."

Dennis A. Burianek, a junior from Bremerton, WA, was the recipient of the John F. McCarthy, Jr. Scholarship "for superior scholarship achievement, breadth of interests, leadership skills and deep sense of community."

Robert L. Stephenson Jr., a junior from Tellico Plains, TN, was the recipient of the General James H. Doolittle Scholarship "for superior scholarship achievement, potential of being an admired contributor to the progress of American aviation, and an open attitude about life in general."

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on June 7, 1995.

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