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75 receive Lowell Institute certificates

At its 89th Graduation Exercises, the Lowell Institute School recently awarded 774 certificates, including 75 to MIT employees.

Dr. Bruce D. Wedlock, director of the Lowell Institute School, presented the certificates at a graduation dinner at the MIT Faculty Club. Assisting him was John Lowell, trustee of the Lowell Institute. The graduation ceremonies were held in conjunction with the Annual Meeting of the Alumni Association of the Lowell School.

The guest speaker was Dr. Samuel Jay Keyser, associate provost for Institute life and co-director of the Center for Cognitive Science (see excerpts below).

Certificant recipients were:

Katherine Joy Allen, Linguistics and Philosphy

William G. Byford, Plasma Fusion Center

Alfred Cangeme, Physical Plant

Bartley L. Cardon, Lincoln Laboratory

Renee A. Caso, Aga Khan Program

William M. Cassidy, Lincoln Laboratory

Maynard Errol Charles, Comptroller's Accounting Office

Nathanial G. Charles, Sloan School of Management

John J. Chase Jr., Distributed Computing and Network Services

Jianmei Che, Nuclear Reactor Laboratory

Shu-Zi Chen, Biology

Christodoulou Christodoulos, Mathematics

Anthony Rudolf Clarke, Physical Plant

William F. Colbert, Lincoln Laboratory

Janet T. Colwell-Popp, Campus Police

William H. Comstock, Microreproduction Laboratory

James Randall Cook, Center for Space Research

Susan Ann Curry, Lincoln Laboratory

Susan Jean Dacier, Lincoln Laboratory

Carol Elizabeth Dawkins, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Hans Dietrich, Libraries

John Stephen Dippold, Economics

Mary Ann Donofrio, Comptroller's Accounting Office

Michael C. Doucette, Center for Space Research

Barbara A. Doyle, Bursar's Office

Keith B. Doyle, Lincoln Laboratory

Viktor Dubrowski, Aeronautics and Astronautics

Shawn Patrick Dunn, Student Financial Aid

Paul Falkos, Spectroscopy Laboratory

Jun Feng, Plasma Fusion Center

John Alexander Finlayson, Physical Plant

Gillian Finn Galloway, Media Laboratory

Peter J. Goodwin, Francis Bitter National Magnet Laboratory

Peter Charles Guiod, Research Laboratory of Electronics

Arvind Hariharan, Chemical Engineering

Robert Edward Hatch, Lincoln Laboratory

Mariano P. Hellwig, Center for Space Research

Anthony Francis Hotz, Lincoln Laboratory

Mark Hamilton Jacobs, Alumni Association

William T. Keating, Plasma Fusion Center

Sarir Ahmad Khamsi, Lincoln Laboratory

Melissa Ann LaBarge, Laboratory for Computer Science

Scott A. Ladd, Lincoln Laboratory

Mary Ann Ladd, Laboratory for Computer Science

James M. Letendre, Aeronautics and Astronautics

Chungpin Liao, Plasma Fusion Center

John Anthony LoRusso, Clinical Research Center

Louise Mathilda MacEachern, Telecommunications Systems

Philip Leo McAlary, Graphic Arts

Paul Joseph McCafferty, Physical Plant

Beth Ann McCain, Energy Laboratory

Barry L. Millsap, Materials Processing Center

John Paul Moran, Lincoln Laboratory

Scott Jay Murdock, Lincoln Laboratory

Scott E. Murray, Lincoln Laboratory

Steven Michael Nebiolo, Purchasing and Stores

Marla Jean Notaro, Medical Department

Lawrence Walter O'Brien, Laboratory of Nuclear Science

Joan Marie Orvosh, Plasma Fusion Center

Suzanne S. Ourfalian, Lincoln Laboratory

Robert Frank Paquette, Francis Bitter National Magnet Laboratory

Joseph Ranjan Perera, Biology

Eupremio Salvatore Piccinonno, Physical Plant

David Alan Pires, Alumni/ae Association

Richard Daniel Shumilla, Physical Plant

David Michael Smith, Brain and Cognitive Sciences

Michael Merle Steeves, Plasma Fusion Center

Susan N. Walsh, Ocean Engineering

Pei Fang Wang, Media Laboratory

John K. Warger, Lincoln Laboratory

E. Donald Weiner, Aeronautics and Astronautics

Kenneth Moody Wilson, Haystack Observatory

John Philip Woods, Lincoln Laboratory

Roberta E. Young, Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences

Grant Alistair Young, Libraries

A version of this article appeared in the June 29, 1994 issue of MIT Tech Talk (Volume 38, Number 37).

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